Band Of Horses on Letterman

Earlier this week, Band Of Horses taped a 45-minute set for the Live On Letterman webcast. And last night, they came through the Late Show itself, playing their surging and relentlessly pleasant new single “Knock Knock.” Watch the performance below.

Band Of Horses’ new album Mirage Rock is out now on Columbia.

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  1. Say what you want about how they may have departed from their older sound or whatever…but this song rocks and they still sound great. I love that they’re still having fun up there, their energy is contagious.

  2. they’re fucking great…. great team

  3. I’ve been watching the whole 45 minute set from Letterman on the CBS website!!! Couldn’t believe they posted the whole thing! Also streaming the album off of their website, been glued to my computer all day thanks to this band.

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