Lana Del Rey - Born To Die Paradise Edition

In the first months of the year, the biggest story in music might’ve been Born To Die, Lana Del Rey’s spectacular mess of a debut album, which mangled the mysterious drugged-out grace of her excellent early singles and completed her transformation into self-styled stereotype punchline. But the album does have its fans, and they’ll be happy to learn that LDR will release a massive “Paradise Edition” of Born To Die this fall.

The new edition will be available in a bunch of different versions, including a massive box set, with tons of bonus tracks, many of which have shown up online in recent months. And one key brand-new track is “Ride,” an absolutely gorgeous string-drenched ballad that Rick Rubin produced, one that moves LDR back to the power of “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” while simultaneously pushing her into a grand Adele crossover-soul-pop zone. It’s really nice. There’s hope for this lady yet! Hear it and watch a teaser for the Paradise Edition, featuring LDR making LDR faces, below. Also, the eight new songs from the Paradise Edition will be available on their own, and we’ve got the tracklist for that below.

01 “Ride”
02 “American”
03 “Cola”
04 “Body Electric”
05 “Blue Velvet”
06 “Gods And Monsters”
07 “Yayo”
08 “Bel Air”

The Paradise Edition of Born To Die is out 11/13 on Interscope. For more info on the various different available versions of it, check Spin.

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  1. Ridiculous. It wasn’t Born To Die that turned people on Lana Del Rey.

  2. Woww, Rick Rubin produced? She really has ascended to the level of musical and cultural institution. Anyone been to H & M recently? She’s more plastered over the place than a rachet hoe on a pill on Juicy J’s dick. I stole a few placecards for myself to plaster over my room and dream about. She is definietely reigning hipster queen; bye Zooey bye!

  3. if anything, this better ( sort of) production highlights her weak vocals even more.

    the song itself its just by the numbers cliche studio strings drenched ballad.

    its no video games, thats for sure.

  4. Her voice is very very boring (or she sounds bored). That 4:41 minute teaser video may as well be the whole album, nothing sounds different. I was hoping for her, I think now it’s time for me to let go.

  5. i love how absolutely WEVZ she sounds.

  6. ride is nice – no more “kiss kiss.” ricky will keep her on the straight and narrow, and the long and hairy (like da beard)

  7. “my pussy tastes like pepsi cola”….nuff said

  8. this song kind remind me The Killers, it’s really nice.

  9. And about Born To Die, although it wasn’t what most people seemed to be expecting, is, in fact, a good album. At least half of the 12 tracks are stunningly beautiful in a weird and quirky way. She mixes up hip hop percussions, cartoonish orchestrations, and occasional synths and samples; her lyrics are usually dark and sometimes a bit over the top – it shouldn’t work, but it kind of does. All tied together with a magnificent voice. Lana Del Rey sounds like nothing else.

  10. Girl never learns. The reason why that SNL performance flopped was because Video Games was set mostly on really low notes that she can emulate on live settings. This sounds nice but I doubt that she can make this work live.

  11. If anyone here has any knowledge of music and voice, you would know that she has a very coveted vocal range and timbre contralto. All of you remind me of little babies. you should stop, see everyones goodness, or the opposite. I don’t think that any of you think Hey this isn’t for me and go about your business. Instead you seek it out just so you can take it out on someone you wish your were, or as creative as you want to be. The song writing reminds me so much of Tori Amos, not the singing. Plus if you have looked at any of her youtube videos they go from 0 – 12,000,000 in 12 -24 hours . Go listen to your Polka tunes whilst others can have an open mind and make mature decisions.

  12. Haha, I love you. So spot on.

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