Ke$ha - Die Young

The career of Ke$ha has been a strange one so far, as emerging via the infectious (or unbelievably irritating, depending on who you talk to) single “TiK ToK,” a song many discarded as novelty. But, Ke$ha had a cabinet full of hooks on the resulting Animal and its follow-up EP Cannibal, establishing Ke$ha as one of the industry’s best new pop songwriters (among others, Wayne Coyne took note). It’s an affinity she showcases — with help from pop songwriting capital-H Heavyweights Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco — on her new single, “Die Young,” a bubbling piece of dance-pop that harbors Ke$ha’s signature sentiments; “Oh what a shame that you came here with someone / So while you’re here in my arms /Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young.” “Wild childs, lookin’ good / Livin’ hard just like we should.” It’s glorious. Nate from fun. co-writes. Hear it below.

Warrior is out 12/4 on RCA.

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  1. Appalling that anything positive is said about this sound rapist.

  2. Corban goes lukewarm on Coexist, but brands the new Ke$ha single “glorious.” Are you guys just messing with us at this point?

  3. No one can take what was trendy 2 years ago and bring it to the masses like Dr. Luke can.

  4. lonely island has better beats. the bridge it toight doe…

    i was struck by how coherent the lyrics are, and then I realised how much kreayshawn has NO FUCKING IDEA what she’s doing and that my standards are diarrhea drops on the floor.

  5. That look is Zardoz plus Goldfrapp. Ha!

  6. About what I was expecting. Better than “Blow” but not as good as “Your Love is My Drug”.

  7. “Warrior” features not just members of The Flaming Lips, but also of The Strokes, Black Keys and Fun…also Iggy Pop….

    Ben Folds arranged strings for a song with the Lips about K$’s past life experience. There’s also a song about the ghost Kesha claims she had sex with…yes, really…


  8. Lana Del Rey called. She wants her crown of flowers back.

    • Ha so Lol, you never saw hippies on 70´s? NO! so before you call Lana Del Rey (wich i like too) to the talk go get some info and you´ll see its ke$ha not Lana. And by the way do you remenber last summer who was doin videos and photoshoots with feathers headdress???? yeah that was ke$ha that made it come out again, now you go watch Lanas Del Rey “Ride” 2012 and ohhh Lana has a feather headdress…

      • Little known fact: it’s possible to be sarcastic and not hostile at the same time. Pointing out similarities ≠ hating on either. In fact, I’m both a Ke$ha fan and a LDR fan. Thank you for jumping to conclusions, though.

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