Grizzly Bear - "Yet Again" Video

In the new clip for Grizzly Bear’s “Yet Again,” a female figure skater follows a strange path post-practice, beginning an adventure through a carnival and the woods that ultimately leads to madness. Emily Kai Bock directs and the Creators Project produces. Watch it below.

Shields is out now on Warp. It was recently our Album Of The Week.

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  1. She shoulda played hockey…

  2. I was really hoping for the men of Grizzly Bear to make a cameo in their own video. I mean, I love a good concept music video, but it somehow feels “less than” when the band itself isn’t even in the video.

    I was hoping those men in the woods would’ve been Grizzly Bear… or them playing games at the carnival? (which, btw: SLUSH PUPPY!!)

    Maybe it’s too much to ask for a band to be in their own video?

  3. watching skates walk on pavement is making me cringe despite loving this video. Is this honey boo boo’s fate?

  4. one of their best videos i think! this song still gets me every time. so gorgeous.

  5. It was good, but I don’t think anything can beat Ready, Able…

  6. What happened to her out there? Who was driving that Escalade?

    • Seriously. There are some major continuity problems if we are supposed to believe that one of those guys in the woods drives a car like that.

  7. Teen angst: Woo-hoo!

  8. Girl’s got one hell of a fan in her bedroom. Turn that monster down.

  9. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  10. WTF?

    That’s pretty much it.

  11. one word, surrealism, google it.

  12. The eeriness and the atmosphere of the video leave a lot of unanswered questions, which is a good thing. We’re so used to having a short story all tied up neatly within 3 minutes, but not everything has to be so resolved. Think of the song as a soundtrack rather than a literal depiction of the lyrics. I love it.

  13. Love the video as much as I love the song. Beautifully shot, original, and atmospheric!

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