Atoms For Peace - "What The Eyeballs Did"

Here’s the B-side to Thom Yorke sideproject Atoms For Peace’s recent single “Default,” a grooving cut called “What The Eyeballs Did.” Hear it below.

(via Mary Anne Hobbs’s XFM show, which she recently retired)

The “Default” 12” is out 11/19 on XL.

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  1. Cool. I like it. I liked the last on, too. Really looking forward to hearing both of them in the context of a larger batch of songs.

    And there’s bass on this that sounds like it could actually be Flea, except that it’s Flea sounding a lot like Colin Greenwood in places.

    Mary Anne Hobbs sounds a bit umm, excited at the end there (also, Hobbs’). I like the scratch instrumental bit there at the end. I’m guessing there will be a remix of this one at some point.

  2. This single song is SO MUCH more interesting than the Taylor Swift article, yet here I am, the ONLY person to have commented. THIS is my point, but I have a feeling people still won’t get it.

  3. can’t wait to hear this one live.

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