Bad Religion - True North

You know what’s weird? Bad Religion, first-generation Cali hardcore legends, have now spent more than half their career as Warped Tour standbys. But whatever, fuck you guys, I don’t care, they can sire all the Offsprings they want; I love this band. I even love their new songs, which sound exactly like their old ones. Case in point! Their new album True North is out early next year, and first single “Fuck You” is now online. It sounds very much like a Bad Religion song. Listen below.

(via PunkNews)

True North is out 1/22 on Epitaph. Bad Religion: It’s not just a Frank Ocean song title!

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  1. Michael_  |   Posted on Nov 6th, 2012 +1

    Even though it sounds like all Bad Religion songs, it also sounds like a return to form of their classic fast-playing days, so I dig this very much. Also, Greg Graffin turns 48 today, so happy birthday?

  2. No need to be defensive about posting a Bad Religion. Those kids who grew up on 90s punk and bailed in favor of “I guess that’s pretty good” indie are huge assholes anyway. This shit is stight.

  3. Thank you Stereogum, for making my morning.

  4. Love this! brings me back to good times

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