Rihanna - Unapologetic

Well, the most speculated-about track on Rihanna’s forthcoming Apologetic — the Chris Brown collaboration “Nobody’s Business” — has hit the web, and it’s a big, hiigh production value pop song showing off plenty of ’90s radio pop touchpoints. Hear it at B. Scott. They all have WiFi on that Rihanna JumboJet, right?

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  1. From B.Scott: Thoughts? I think the song is really cute! Chris’ falsetto sounds a little off, but he makes up for it in the end with his Michael Jackson-esque ad-libs.

    I think he makes up for it by not kicking the shit out of her… This is vile.

  2. Chris Brown should go to jail for raping MJ’s sound.

  3. Forgettable early 90′s jam. Pretty crappy. Does nothing good for either of their voices.

  4. I am over these two and their subversive, backasswards bullshit. Seriously.

  5. I think it’s supposed to be called “Nobody’s Bidness”.

  6. bummed out

  7. Sad and rather disgusting turn of events. Even Stereogum is playing Switzerland based on this blurb. The music business and media will protect her and the dollars that trickle down.

    Rihanna and all the money and the industry that promotes her and sustains itself knows fully well that a lot of young girls listen to her music and many look up to her. Unapologetic isn’t the right title. It should be I Have No Shame. So the domestic abuse victim has gone back to her abuser and is now selling it back to her audience as well.

    “Your love is perfection, please point me in the right direction
    I’mma give you all my affection
    Every touch becomes infectious
    Let’s make out in this Lexus
    There’s no other love just like this
    A life with you I want, then can we become love’s persona?”

    -no you probably can’t, because three years ago, one of you beat the other one up so savagely he left her with major contusions either side of her face, a bloody nose, a split lip and bite marks on her arms and fingers, an incident she told police was symptomatic of an “ongoing and escalating abusive relationship”.

  8. Ugh, this makes me sick

  9. Listening to this song defies it. If it’s truly “Nobody’s Business” then why make a song about it? It’s like wearing neons and standing in the middle of an intersection while screaming, “NOBODY LOOK AT ME!”

    It is our business, Rihanna. Notwithstanding the whole “we saw how your face looked after Chris Brown shoved it into a window” bit, it is our business because with songs like this, you’ve /made/ it our business.

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