Los Campesinos! - "A Doe To A Deer"

For what feels like the first time in forever, the endlessly fired-up Welsh twee warriors Los Campesinos! managed to make it to the end of the year without releasing any albums. They have, however, offered up a brand-new free-download Christmas single called “A Doe To A Deer,” which should scratch any Campesinos!-related itches you may be having. Grab the song below.

You can read the lyrics at the band’s website.

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  1. Hardest working band to date. Even though they didn’t release a new album this year, Los Campesinos! released 2 new Heat Rash EPs, a stand alone song called Tiptoe Through the True Bits and now this. 6 great songs that any band could call some of their strongest material. They’re on tour and they’ll still be going in the studio to record the follow up to Hello Sadness in February.

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