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I spent three and a half years writing a Village Voice blog named after a spare line from Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier,” so expect no objectivity here. But Destiny’s Child is the greatest and most important R&B group of the last 20 years or so, and now they’re about to release their first new song, their first since 2004. Beyoncé made the announcement on her Facebook page just now: The new song is called “Nuclear,” and it’s set for inclusion on the new career-spanning comp Love Songs, out 1/29 on Sony Legacy. It’s up for pre-order here. That’s all we know for now, but, I mean, hell yeah.

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  1. Well you gotta love Beyonce.

    • Can’t get such love for Crazy in Love, without that sample is nothing, just a mediocre early 00s r’n'b song, there were thousands of them. B’Day was pretty underwhelming too as well as 2008 album. 4 is her forst truly strong work, justan amazing collection of nice and harmless tunes. There were a couple of fillers too (that’s just how pop albums work) and that awful lead single but… End of Time… Party… Countdown – amazing.

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    • What exactly DO you like?

    • So will anybody answer my question, indie bedwetters? Why do you listen to pop music if you’re indie? Stick to the something, listen to indie or listen to pop aimd at people who don’t like music at all… It baffles me.

      • I listen to all kinds of music. Period. And just as I have never allowed record stores or radio programmers to dictate what I listen to, I won’t allow you to do so, either. There is nothing wrong with listening to, or even supporting, as many different kinds of music as you have time for. Flea does a little speech about this at the end of every RHCP concert these days. Support MUSIC. Listen to MUSIC. Why on Earth would you want to be boxed into listening to one little kind of music when there is so much out there?

        Now, having said that, I have limits. One of them is k-pop, and I’ve questioned Stereogum’s coverage of it many times. But while Stereogum is clearly, for the most part, an “indie” blog, they are also a music culture blog. Hence, when major artists, artists who have become part of the fabric of our musical culture (like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, or anything related to Beyonce) do something, they usually post a blog about it,

        K-pop… I still don’t understand that one.

  3. Here’s the tracklist for ‘Love Songs’ by Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and the other one

  4. “Destiny’s Child is the greatest and most important R&B group of the last 20 years or so”

    In what world does that statement have any validity? “Important” because they sold a ton of records? “Greatest” because they gave us Beyonce? Destiny’s Child was a girl band, essentially N*Sync with vaginas. Besides, TLC ran circles around them, as did En Vouge.

    Tom, I don’t blame you for your obsession with these female radiowave idols. It’s normal for a red-blooded man to give women compliments. But really, ease up. Destiny’s Child is whack, and Beyonce is whack for the most part (I’ll give you “Party” and “Countdown”).

    • Yes, they have only 6 big songs. SIX. Bils Bills Bills, Say My Name, Survivor, Independent Woman, Bootylicious (that lyrics, man) and Lose My Breath. And not that they all are good… I’d say only Say My Name will be considered an ultimate pop classic after all. The rest is just average pop.

    • I immediately thought of TLC and En Vogue, too. At their respective peaks (And TLC peaked for a long time), both were better than Destiny’s Child. I absolutely think The Writing’s On the Wall is an R&B classic, but everything after that…just no.
      Both 4 and BDay are pretty decent albums, though. And I’d probably pick Crazy In Love as my top song of the last decade.

  5. I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE (i.e. I totally can)

    MOORE. (Thurston, not Sonny)

    All making news in the span of one week with new songs, album announcements or whatever.

    The giants be swinging their big heads in 2013.

    Also, I thought this line profound, Tom: “But Destiny’s Child is the greatest and most important R&B group of the last 20 years or so.” You just have this way of saying something with so much certainty, and it sometimes gets you in trouble with my readership (Dropkick) but also hits like a brick to the realization process. So, I guess that brings you back to being more of this music journalism’s CM Punk than its Miz-face turn.

    • Given that Timbaland hasn’t exactly been on a roll these past few, I’m not that excited for JT… And this stupid mysterious countdown/video thing is trully annoying, isn’t it? Just release a goddamn single.

      • I see ya, but JT does nothing hastily. Dude’s a perfectionist, and calculates everything to make the biggest impact. The fact that he dropped a teaser video and countdown today instead of a single out of the blue actually makes me MORE excited for the level of craft he’s going for. That said, I’m with you on Timbaland’s recent track record, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  6. Until this comment thread, I was unaware that people existed in this world who were not obsessed with Destiny’s Child. Bummer.

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