Future - F.B.G. The Movie

Future and Drake are both hypnotic rap miserablists who sing at least as much as they spit. Between the two of them, they made two of the best rap albums of the past two years. They’re a natural fit. But as far as I can remember, the only song they’d made together was the fun but goofy and gimmicky “Tony Montana” remix. That changes today. This weekend, Future and his Free Bandz crew are releasing their F.B.G.: The Movie mixtape, and one of its tracks is “Fo Real,” a Mike Will-produced Drake collab that’s pretty close to the sensitive-hedonist Future/Drake track that’s always existed in my head. I’ve listened to it maybe five times in a row now, and I think it might be my favorite song of the year thus far. Listen below.

F.B.G.: The Movie is set to arrive on Sunday.

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  1. I like my own personal rendition of Future’s voice more than the real Future’s voice.

  2. Future Hendrix! Dude just keeps getting better and better.

  3. LOL Drake’s so bad

  4. I have decided Future is the Tom Waits of Hip Hop Superstars.

  5. So…how does Future sound better than everyone else who does the same thing?

    • Because he does things no one in else in rap is doing right now, finding ways to shape his voice in all sorts of incredible ways. Also he’s just an awesome rapper with an ear for really good beats.

  6. I don’t know. I just don’t hear anything interesting going on in his songs. I’ll keep trying though!

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