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Apparently, celebrity chef Rachael Ray has a thing she does on her talk show where she gives her guests 60 seconds to talk about whatever they want. And in his recent appearance on the show, Fred Armisen used most of his allotted time to talk about Death Grips — or, more specifically, about former Hella drummer and current Death Grips musical mastermind Zach Hill. Armisen, of course, used to play drums in Trenchmouth, and clattering noise-punk drummers look out for their own. He also talked about mailing his own luggage home when he’s traveling. Watch it below.

(via Pitchfork)

There’s at least some chance that this could lead to Ray booking Death Grips at her SXSW showcase. Stefan Burnett looks like he could use a couple bites to eat, so maybe that would be a good thing.

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  1. Ugh can Rachel Ray be a bigger turd? Even her name-dropping Paul Weller doesn’t make her likable.

  2. Well, Death Grips is the greatest thing to happen to music since electricity, so yeah.

  3. I’ve never watched her show so maybe I’m misjudging her audience, but I’m picturing a bunch of housewives googling death grips and coming up with the No Love Deep Web cover and that makes me smile.

  4. I remember in 2008 she had a SXSW showcase that featured Holy Fuck.

    This reminded me of that.

  5. There is a daytime television tone of voice that everyone seems to adopt when on it. I DON’T UNDERSTAND

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