Animal Collective - "Applesauce"

In making their video for the frantic Centipede Hz track “Applesauce,” Animal Collective enlisted Gaspar Noé, the filmmaker behind the fucked-up movies Irreversible and Enter The Void (as well as Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ recent “We No Who U R” video). The whole video is just a close-up on a woman’s lips as she eats fruit and the screen behind her furiously strobes in different colors. In order for the video to properly break your brain, watch it in the dark. Check it out below.

Centipede Hz is out now on Domino.

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  1. aside from maybe rabbit and my girls animal collective videos are always so lame to me-

    which is wack because they are my fav experimental group-

    i got really excited seeing Noe on this one but really? the whole video is someone eating fruit?

    i would have liked it more if the screen was just flashing wild colors with nothing else going on honestly.

    the song has too much going on in it to have such a drag of a visual.

  2. Love Animal Collective.

    Love Gaspar Noé.

    Hate this video.

  3. That is a stupid ass video. Nothing else.

  4. I think everybody involved is too high.

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