Dropkick Murphys - "The Boys Are Back" video

At the beginning of the year, I gave Album Of The Week to Signed And Sealed In Blood, the latest from the reliably hammerheaded Boston bagpipe-punk crew Dropkick Murphys. It’s an exceedingly, gratifyingly simplistic album, and its most simplistic song is the opener, a gang-shout battering ram called “The Boys Are Back.” The song’s video has about as direct a concept as it needs: The band playing in a boxing ring, in a Boston gym, while fired-up punks surround them. There’s really nothing about this that I don’t like. Mark Higgins directs; watch it below.

Signed And Sealed In Blood is out now on the band’s own Born & Bred imprint.

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  1. I’ve been listening to the heck out of this album for the past two weeks solid. I don’t remember who did what to me and when that made me vocalize such strong feelings against that AOTW write-up and the Murphys (Fib: I do, and it was my bad experience living in Boston that included getting laid off by a bunch of preppy trust fund brats and shipping myself back to the death pit on the opposite side of the state in which I am currently losing life with each passing day) but I am happy I’ve found redemption in this band. Definitely going to try to see their set at Coachella…

  2. Day. Made. Cheers.

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