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Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart” is one of those songs that will continue to turn arenas into pits of ecstasy until long after we’re all dead. When I saw Springsteen a couple of months ago, he played that song second, stage-dove during it, and then played for another three hours. That guy! In a recent session for the Australian radio network Triple J, the Britt Daniel/Dan Boeckner/Sam Brown supergroup Divine Fits played their version of the song, stripping it down to acoustic instruments (plus one electronic doohickey). Daniel’s vocal suited the song surprisingly well, and I like how Brown’s drum set consisted of a maraca and a shoebox. Watch it below.

Divine Fits’ A Thing Called Divine Fits is out now on Merge.

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  1. Love that truck driver modulation. Tack + sledgehammer == Bruce.

  2. Don’t get no better

  3. I wasn’t at all surprised that Britt’s voice suited this song well. I saw the link and immediately thought “oooh, that’s a great song for them to cover!”. Also, I think that’s some sort of textbook he’s beating on, not a shoebox.

  4. Wow. Divine fits continue to push back to the 80′s, I love it… There album is awesome!

  5. Pretty sure that electronic doohickey is the OP 1 synthesizer, of Swedish House Mafia music video fame.

    I liked the cover, especially the vocals, but I really, really love the bass line from the original, which this version was lacking.

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