MPC animal AraabMuzik has a new mixtape called For Professional Use Only coming later this week, and we’ve already heard the monster first single “The Prince Is Coming.” Here’s “Never Have To Worry,” another track, and one that has a similar entire-building’s-worth-of-windows-exploding feel to it. Araab remains the best at sinister blare; hear it for yourself below.

For Professional Use Only is due 2/15.

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  1. I like when Flume sampled it, but that’s just personal preference.

    Anticipating that mixtape though!

  2. Yes! This song is awesome! I like it even better than “The Prince is Coming”, definitely my favorite track he’s done since Electronic Dream. I got into that album a year late, but I’ve been listening to it a shitload for months. In terms of artists I get excited to hear new music from, there’s AraabMuzik, Charli XCX, Chromatics/Italians Do It Better, and then everybody else.

    Also, I chuckled at the one soundcloud comment “reminds me of old school linkin park”. This song reminds me of nothing else that I can think of, and I mean that as a compliment.

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