Marnie Stern - The Chronicles Of Marnia

Next month, the finger-tapping shredder and hyper-fun songwriter Marnie Stern will release her excellently titled new album The Chronicles Of Marnia, and she’s already shared her songs “Year Of The Glad” and “East Side Glory.” Now we’ve got another one, a joy-in-struggle headrush called “Nothing Is Easy.” It’s really, really good, and you should probably get used to reading music critics saying nice things about songs from this album. Listen to it at Soundcloud.

The Chronicles Of Marnia is out 3/19 on Kill Rock Stars. And that date contest is still ongoing, so hurry up and enter.

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  1. You ain’t so bad, Tom.

  2. This is shaping up to look like a great album.

  3. Michael_  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2013 +1

    I know I should be enjoying this more because it’s good, but then the date contest thing happened and it kind of killed my buzz because I thought some of the attempts at being funny in the qualifications were a bit close-minded (no vegans, for example — I’m not one, but still… That would not stop me from going on a date with someone who was.) Me personally, somewhat on a tangent to yesterday’s Deconstructing piece, the less I know about musicians or celebs’ lifestyles, thoughts, habits or whatever — basically anyone who I don’t know personally well enough to make a better judgement of character on — the better off I am accepting their work as it is.

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