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I’ve given Odd Future a lot of leeway in the past. The blood-gargling sexual violence of their early records felt like intentional transgression and felt like a slap in the face, so even though it was wildly disturbing, it didn’t turn me off from their music. Likewise the homophobia and the bad design decisions and the terrible Adult Swim show. But when they start messing with the hallowed American tradition known as professional wrestling, that’s where I draw the line.

Tyler, The Creator’s new self-directed video for “Domo 23,” the new single from his forthcoming album Wolf, has Tyler and Domo Genesis playing wrestlers, Earl Sweatshirt playing the ref, and assorted extended Odd Future fam playing the audience. And it’s like: Pro wrestling has rules, Tyler! You can’t just start a match with one guy and then have a gigantic fat luchador take over as your opponent, at least if it’s not a tag team match! You don’t put a stool in the corner of the ring; that’s boxing! The ref doesn’t dance with the winner at the end of the match, Earl! And what, you couldn’t have one actual pro wrestler on set to teach you guys how to fall down right and to successfully apply a Boston crab? Ugh. Anyway. The video is no “Yonkers,” but you can watch it below.

Wolf is out 4/2 on Odd Future Records. And other than the table bump, the best wrestling moment is probably Domo’s pre-match promo. If, say, Ezekiel Jackson or Justin Gabriel were to hype his matches by yelling “I’m nasty!” a bunch of times on the way in, it might actually help his career.

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  1. it’d have been cool if you’d have written about the actual song for at least a minute. i guess i don’t know enough about pro wrestling to appreciate your outrage.

  2. I like the ending

  3. glad the beats are improving

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    • No, it isn’t.

    • you gotta take into account the concept of taking an artist seriously the wide scope of hip hop. are they better than pharcyde? maybe. depends on who your talking to. but you’re trying to compare apples with oranges comparing odd future to mos def or jay z, bro.

    • You can’t really compare Jay-Z to Odd Future. Domo 23 is Tyler just goofing around and being stupid, and it’s totally fine if you’re not into that. I’m more interested in hearing the full version of Bimmer though, that shit sounds so pretty.

    • Yeah, Pharcyde is better, but I don’t know how you can dismiss this as a bunch of guys messing around if you dig the Pharcyde. I mean, “Ya Mama” and “Officer” both sound even more like messing around than most of Tyler’s stuff.

  5. who said its supposed to be wrestling, everything in the vid leads me to believe its supposed to be boxing


  7. The first song is alright. Not something I would specifically want to listen to, but not something I would skip. Tyler’s flow is nice and I like what he was talking about in parts of it. But the second song is the stuff I think Tyler excels at, the rap/R&B hybrid song.

  8. Somewhere rubjon is watching this video and touching himself.

  9. I was expecting his rap game to step up a bit in terms of seriousness, but it’s a bit cartoonish. And wait — Did you notice who’s following him to the way to the ring? That’s Zeb Culter — That man’s a certified psychopath!

  10. So you’re not gonna even mention the last minute? It’s so fucking tight

  11. Yeah, im hoping the album has a lot of beats similar to the outro. Like Sam said, he really excels at that style. Either way Im excited to see where this goes.

  12. So let me get this straight. You go on about a list of opinions regarding earlier Odd Future music (lyrics, really) that didn’t bother you, then talk a big mess about how they got the incredibly real “sport” of professional wrestling wrong, without EVER talking about music or lyrics in this video, or how they’re completely different from those you mentioned previously. Come one man! You’re better than that.


  14. One of the worst write ups on anything I’ve ever seen on this site.

    and let’s hope Wolf has more to offer than this. “Bimmer” is okay but “Domo 23″ is like “Rella” but ten times worse.


    already listened to it over 100 times in itunes.

  16. my pussy juice is drippin all over the place, im gonna go finish in the shower!

  17. Can someone explain Tyler’s appeal to me? I’m not trying to be snarky I just really don’t get it. Is it going over my head? Is there some big joke I’m not in on? As far as I can tell he’s just a marginally talented juvenile asshole with no filter for his overgrown id. Again, maybe I’m missing something but it seems like Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt have kinda grown up a bit and moved on to make more meaningful music that isn’t morally repugnant but Tyler’s still doing the same old shit. “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school”??? How did anyone over the age of 13 identify with that? What am I missing?????

    For real, I want to be in on the party too. What makes this guy so good?

  18. Alright, what the fuck is up with this writeup. I can’t tell if Tom is trolling or if this is actually how he feels. If its the latter then seriously ughhh man, come on.

    Homophobia? Its fucking satire, you do realize the most accomplished and respected ofwgkta member is openly gay. Not to mention your opinion that their show is terrible is way to subjective. I love the show, i can cite plenty of critics who love the show, and it epitomizes much of odd futures humor. If you don’t like it then fine, but don’t pretend like you thought their earlier stuff was cool but now this whack; its not a major digression.

    This is a more polished Tyler, especially the second song in the video which you never even mentioned (probably because you didn’t watch it long enough as you seemed way to caught up in your whack ass wrestling issues.)

    tl;dr Fuck your write up Tom; this video is hilarious/awesome.

  19. If this article is an attempt at humor, I would say you missed the target. Probably one of the worst write-ups I’ve read on Stereogum, Congrats!

  20. Wow really? God everyone’s so uptight, I actually thought Tom was really funny in this write up. Domo 23 sounds like another Rella, so it’s not really my thing. Bimmer sounds really great though and I hope there’s more of that kind of stuff on the album.

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