They Might Be Giants - Nanobots

Veteran nerd-rock heroes They Might Be Giants return next month with a new album, their 16h, called Nanobots. The duo recorded the LP at the studio of their longtime friend Patrick Dillett, a producer who’s worked with David Byrne and Mary J. Blige. The album track “You’re On Fire” is a catchy and surprisingly toothy power-pop gem; download it below.

Nanobots is out 3/5 on Idlewild.

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  1. So excited…….for my 8 year old daughter. On the phone with her now to let her know the big news!

    “Pictures of pandas painting penguins…”

  2. The last album was pretty decent if not somewhat forgettable.

    Went to a TMBG show last year. It was like a nerdier version of Middle Earth (yes, that’s possible). There were lots of hobbits and dwarves and elves and everything in between in the audience, it was pretty funny.

    • I had an identical experience. I had seen the band years ago and remembered having a good time, so I went to a show of theirs last year… well, long story short: I found myself lost in a sea of trench coats and neck beards. I can only assume that the audience has become nerdier in recent years. I had the overwhelming urge to shove some of those guys into lockers.

      • I don’t know what was up with where you saw them, but when I went to see them last year it was predominately lanky 20 year old college kids like myself. Same type I see at any current indie bands concerts.

        How about we try and avoid stereotypes, yeah?

        For me, I’m fucking pumped for this. Y’all can keep your Animal Collective, I’ll take TMBG any day. If a band like that can still be going after 30 years, they must be doing something right.

  3. I’ve been to at least 20 TMBG concerts over the past 15 years. The audience hasn’t changed. All neck beards, all the time.

  4. Kevin Reed, welcome to the internet. Also nice bow tie faggot

  5. This post is going to inspire a day-long TMBG marathon at my house.Which first: Puppet Head, Purple Toupee, or Meet the Elements? Hmmmm

  6. “Umm, I, as a gentleman and also a scholar (I go to the college) don’t believe my fellow fans are what one might call a ‘neckbeard’…….” *scoffs* *adjusts bowtie*

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