Japandroids on Conan

Last night, Japandroids, one of our finest rock bands currently working, brought their thunderous simplicity to the stage at Conan, blasting through the Celebration Rock opener “The Nights Of Wine And Roses.” It’s not substitute for being there, obviously, but I’m pretty impressed at how the band has managed to translate their live intensity, as undiminished as possible, to the late-night TV stage. Conan O’Brien even seemed to enjoy it a little bit, and he never seems to enjoy anything anymore. Watch it below.

Celebration Rock is out now on Polyvinyl.

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  1. That was pretty awful. Singing it an octave lower sounds like crap. C’mon dude that song only works when you belt it out at the top of your lungs.

  2. yeah that was rough. That was probably the last song from this album they should have picked to play on national television. He can’t really sing it in the octave he wrote it in, except for maybe after several takes and lots of straining in the studio. This song has fallen flat every time I’ve seen them play it live.

    Why is Tom trying so extra hard to be nice about this performance? We all love Japandroids regardless.

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