Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival, which comes to Grant Park 8/2-4, won’t announce its lineup until next month. But the Chicago Tribune‘s Greg Kot, who is never wrong about this stuff, is reporting that this year’s slate of headliners includes Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, and the Killers. Further down the bill, the Postal Service and the National will also play.

Lolla usually hosts two headliners per day, so there’s still plenty of time for the festival to find a couple of big names. But right now, that’s not an especially inspiring lineup, is it? The Killers and Phoenix have both already headlined Lolla in recent years, and Vampire Weekend headlined Chicago’s much smaller Pitchfork Festival just last year. Lolla is usually able to stunt hard enough to land a Black Sabbath or a Lady Gaga — someone who usually doesn’t play festivals and who you might be curious to see even if you’re not a huge fan. Maybe they’ve got someone like that in their back pocket; we’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. Killers and Mumford? thats pretty whack.

    It’d be worth it just to see vampire weekend though my word.

  2. Tom, how could you say it’s not an inspiring lineup? After all, it does feature Mumford & Sons, and we know you love them as much as Savages.

  3. p4k already out-headlined anything palooza could come up with by having bjork, B&S, and R. Kelly, that is unless lollapalooza could land David Bowie.

  4. Nine Inch Nails is also virtually confirmed for Lolla, and the Cure are likely so there’s two more headline-type bands. Regardless, VW, the National and the Postal Service makes me happy.

  5. How about an Arcade Fire/James Murphy show? Throw in Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Foals and a dark-energy-channeling female (Fiona Apple or Tori Amos) and I’ll buy a ticket.

  6. …and if lolla WERE able to land a black sabbath or lady gaga, we’d all be decrying the gimmicky nature of summer festival season, so there ya go: the festival-billing double standard

  7. After two complete bombs of records, I honestly didn’t think the Killers were a consideration anymore. This is as uninspired as it is confusing.

  8. If you’re reading Stereogum you’re probably not in the prime demographic for most Lollapalooza headliners. They’re usually not good, the middle of the line up however will likely be jam packed but everyone will focus on the Killers being as terrible as always (and a former Lolla headliner).

  9. My Bloody Valentine as a second tier band would be glorious.

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