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If you ever want to see some absolute violence, just point a racist skinhead out to a non-racist skinhead. And skinhead brawling doesn’t stop just because the skinheads in question got old or started landing albums in Billboard‘s top 10. Over the weekend, Boston’s venerable beer-punk institution the Dropkick Murphys were playing a two-night St. Patrick’s Day stand at New York’s Terminal 5. And during a cover of AC/DC’s “TNT,” there was a mob of audience members onstage when singer/bassist Ken Casey (who, I guess I should point out, might not claim skinhead status; I’m not sure) noticed the guy, walked over to him, and just absolutely beat the shit out of him, before telling the audience, “Nazis are not fucking welcome at a Dropkick Murphys show.” Props to the rest of the band for not stopping the song until after the beatdown ended. Watch the fan-made video, which also includes wheechair-crowdsurfing footage, below.

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  1. Europe should take notes on this video.

  2. Comeuppance is a dish best served with plenty of beer.

  3. I approve this message.

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    • Anyone haas the freedom to throw up the Nazi sign (whether an actual Nazi or not) if they want to but they sure as hell better be ready to face the consequences of our freedom to beat the shit out of him.

    • I mean, going to hardcore shows when i was 15 you could get blasted in the face for just standing there. Right or wrong, it’s part of the culture, and if you do something to PROVOKE THESE PEOPLE… well, I don’t have a ton of sympathy.

      • I don’t really sympathize with the skinhead (he’s obviously an idiot), but I don’t understand this culture of praise for Ken Casey’s actions. He’s not some kid at a punk show, he’s a professional musician on stage. Either way, he shouldn’t be praised for beating the shit out of someone like that.

  5. Ken “might not” claim “skinhead” status? Tom, you do a lot of good posts here but obviously you don’t know that much about the Dropkicks. NONE of them are skinheads and in fact, if you knew their discography, would know one of their classics is (anti-skinhead tune) “Skinhead on the MBTA.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qPm9JFM484

    Also, it’s a small thing but Ken Casey is co-lead singer, along with Al Barr.

    • The news cycle churns on, so I didn’t have too much googling time to devote to this, but I did find a Casey interview where he talks about how the Murphys have a huge skinhead fanbase and how skinheads are misunderstood and shit-on. Also, skinheads make fun of skinheads all the time; “Skinhead On The MBTA” isn’t so much anti-skinhead as anti-that particular skinhead. And is it even anti-that particular skinhead? It’s a celebratory song!

      But OK, yeah, they’re not skinheads, good to know.

      • Minor note, but I’m pretty sure it’s the bass player that beats up the Nazi, not the singer.

      • I know that the Dropkicks have skinheads among their fans – they’ve even done shows with skinhead bands during their 17 or so years together. But they’ve never themselves become skinheads (glad you acknowledged that), and though I haven’t read that Casey interview you speak of, I have read one Al Barr did, so really, let’s be clear on what type of “skinhead” Casey is talking about in songs or interviews. All skinheads are anti-authoritarian, but the ones this band talks about are the (sometimes violent) punk/working class type, NOT the racist, neo-Nazi type. That’s likely what Casey means about skinheads being “misunderstood.” I got the impression from your article that you were basically saying that Casey beat up in a sense, one of his own (when you said he might be a skinhead too), and of course, you would agree now that would be wrong to say. Besides, I don’t think the likes of Bruce Springsteen would associate himself with a band of skinheads, even if they were the (somewhat) more tame type.

        By the way, I forgot that song “Skinhead on the MBTA” is really more sympathetic to the non-racist type of skinheads I mentioned and is based on the Kingston Trio’s “Charlie on the MTA,” so I correct myself on that front.

  6. Fucking great! After WW2 how can anybody tolerate Nazis of any kind.

  7. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with beating up a Nazi. The mindset of “everyone’s beliefs should be respected” and tolerance for bigotry needs to die already.

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