Sigur Rós - Kveikur

Icelandic dream-rock heroes Sigur Rós released Valtari, their last album, less than a year ago, and they’ve already announced plans for the follow-up. Kveikur, out in a couple of months, is the band’s first album as a trio, now that multi-instrumentalist Kjartan Sveinsson has left the band. The new album will include a bunch of songs that the band has been playing live lately, and the members of the band have been calling the LP’s sound “more aggressive.”

That certainly applies to their latest eight-minute swoonathon “Brennisteinn,” which welds the band’s trademark falsetto swoops to a serious low-end churn. The band has just shared director Andrew Huang’s video for the track, and it’s a cryptic, muddy epic allegory about something or other. Combined with the song’s prog-metal undercurrents, it’s enough to convince me that they’ve been spending some time with old Tool videos lately. Watch it below.

Kveikur is out 6/18 on XL.

01. “Brennisteinn”
02. “Hrafntinna”
03. “Isjaki”
04. “Yfirbord”
05. “Stormur”
06. “Kveikur”
07. “Rafstraumur”
08. “Bláprádur”
09. “Var”

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  1. i’m seeing these guys Sunday and i’ve never heard a note. what should i expect?

  2. Eyjafjallafuckyeah

  3. Sigur Ros is cool because they’re from Iceland. Iceland is beautiful. But I do think their music has slowly become more formula-based and that’s too bad. It happens to the best of them.

  4. This shit is awesome! My homies from the land of ice and fire doin’ good work.

  5. Dang 2013 will not let up with the awesome.

  6. My ear just gasmed. I liked Valtari ok, but this is a perfect antithesis.

  7. So happy to see this counterpoint to Valtari. I was not able to get into it; was too sleepy for me. But this just shook the dust off ma bones.

  8. ‘ . . . it’s a cryptic, muddy epic allegory about something or other.’ Love that description. Love the song too! Reminds me of a post apocalyptic zombie film.

  9. this is the creepiest i’ve ever seen sigur ros

  10. They were playing this one towards the end of their live set on the last tour to Australia. It was an awesome contrast to the stuff of Valtari, which I found to be a little too sleepy. Can’t wait to hear more.

  11. saw them yesterday and they played 3 new songs, not including the one on fallon. lots of clangy percussion and sort of nine-inch-nails-ish. exciting.

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