Empire Of The Sun

Last month, with great fanfare, Australian synth-rock stars Empire Of The Sun announced the impending release of their sophomore album Ice On The Sun. That album’s goofily epic trailer might’ve indicated a move toward cosmic prog, but the album’s first single “Alive,” which the band just shared, is actually a peppy and festival-directed blast of chanty, keyboard-streaked euphoria, one not too different from first-album Passion Pit or first-album MGMT. Listen to it below.

Ice On The Dune is out in June on Astralwerks.

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  1. Jeebus I miss the The Sleepy Jackson.

    • The Sleepy Jackson were so good! Though in terms of being commercially appealing, Empire wins hands down. As long as Luke Steele and his incredible voice keep making music, it’s bound to be catchy and sound fantastic. That said, this song isn’t as catchy as Walking on a Dream, but it’s still great and will destroy at festivals.

  2. I dunno, I love Luke, I love Empire, I love positivity, but this is like a cake that’s just too sweet. Generic lyrics, music not as strong as the last album. But I look forward to hearing the rest!

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