Watch A Givers-Soundtracked Lipton Commercial

We haven’t heard much from Givers lately, but the Louisiana-based band is resurfacing in a Lipton commercial. The group’s stand-out track “Up Up Up” starts playing as a man cracks open his iced tea on a bustling city street — suddenly, the masses become inexplicably joyous. It’s a 15-second dance party in the street, complete with a busted-open fire hydrant and ring-around-the-rosie. Watch below.

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  1. Such an awesome song. Not too many bands can do “happy” well anymore, but they sure do.

  2. Still one of the best bands I’ve seen live. Don’t miss them if they play near you.

  3. I saw that commercial on tv and thought to myself “what an annoying song.”

  4. According to a Rhapsody commercial I just peered, Givers’ music can also help one crash on a couch with a gorgeous afro’d chick after entertaining her at a sophisticated dinner party. Hell, beats turning into an abusive lamb after drinking Mountain Dew I guess.

  5. Well, consider my eyes opened.

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