Watch Earl Sweatshirt's Coachella Set

We saw Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt at SXSW back in March, and he made his Coachella debut on Friday night sporting tie-dye and a bucket hat. Flying Lotus (aka Captain Murphy) DJ’d, and the set included cameos from Earl’s collaborators Domo Genesis, Vince Staples, and Tyler, The Creator. Now, you can hear Earl shout, “WHAT THE FUCK IS UP COACHELLA?!”, and pretend you were there to respond. Watch his full set below.

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  1. Why did he play all the tracks in the back with his vocals still in? Like there’s two of him? I didn’t get it. Cool set doe

  2. yeah, this is weird. it’s just like he’s rapping over a playlist of his album tracks. plus, his live vocals don’t really sound like the earl voice we hear on record, it’s more so just him yelling. disappointing, because i’ll be seeing him in 6 weeks or so. oh well.

  3. Pretty sure his voice “broke” between his first album and where he is now.

    The tracks with his vocals with him was weird, but part of me figured the Odd Future camp didn’t have the original beats and just the final tracks. Seems like some amateur accident that could’ve happened, at least that’s what I told myself to be okay with it.

    Flying Lotus was way overqualified for that position, but he has such a joyful live presence that it was a huge highlight. Of course Tyler yelling, “FlyLo cut that track!” was extra funny.

    Finally, I wish FlyLo would’ve joined EARL for “Between Friends” on stage. I mean, shit, that wouldn’t be hard to ask at all right? w/e

  4. Haven’t watched this yet, but I will say OF needs to step up their live game. It was exciting at first when they just were going off in their early performances, but at this point it’s just mush.

    This gripe and the one above about rapping over overdubs, however, could be exteneded to 99% of rap shows. Currensy is one of the chosen few that sounds impeccable live, tho he also does the annoying rap thing of cutting each song off like 1 verse into it. I will give OF points for actually finishing each of their songs.

  5. It’s Lucas!!!!!

  6. FlyLo’s scarf is the true highlight of this set.

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