Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

Just nine days ago, evidence of a new album from Scottish chill-out producers Boards Of Canada, who have been silent for the seven years since 2006′s Trans Canada Highway EP, existed only in the form of cryptic hints, mostly-silent 12″ singles distributed across the globe on Record Store Day. Since then, there have been further clues and a commercial on the Cartoon Network. And now the duo has come out an dropped the subterfuge, announcing that they’ll release Tomorrow’s Harvest, their fourth album, in a mere two months. Check out the tracklist below.

01 “Gemini”
02 “Reach For The Dead”
03 “White Cyclosa”
04 “Jacquard Causeway”
05 “Telepath”
06 “Cold Earth”
07 “Transmisiones Ferox”
08 “Sick Times”
09 “Collapse”
10 “Palace Posy”
11 “Split Your Infinites”
12 “Uritual”
13 “Nothing Is Real”
14 “Sundown”
15 “New Seeds”
16 “Come To Dust”
17 “Semena Mertvykh”
(via Pitchfork)

The official website for the project is, and if you enter 699742628315717228936557813386519225 (the complete sequence hinted at on those 12″s) as the password you’ll see a video transmission confirming the album and link to pre-order.

Tomorrow’s Harvest is out 6/10 on Warp.

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  1. Password:

    The number sequence they’ve been hinting at is the password.

    So I was right about the June release date at least!

  2. Ive been watching this video for a minute now, at what point does the woman with the long black hair crawl out of the well and kill me? Hold on, my phone is ringing……

  3. Cancel my 3 o’clock, Helen. I’m off to the Masturbatorium.

  4. so basically so whole mystery is a the golden key to… pre-order?

  5. Jesus, Geogaddi. What an album. You can really go down the rabbit hole on that one. Years ago when I was getting into it, I was reading up in forums on all of the number theories and Satanism in the samples, etc. I can’t remember any of the details today but still whenever I listen to that album it creeps me the fuck out. Gyroscope, The Devil is in the Details, A Is To B As B Is To C. I seriously can’t listen to those songs alone late at night.

  6. Any other BoC fans find it weird that they’re not releasing it right on June 9th?

  7. Now if I could just get a double bill of BoC and Casino Versus Japan at Red Rocks….

  8. BoC is great, but Tomorrow’s Harvest with a pic of what looks like a nuked San Francisco? A bit unnerving

  9. One of those rare bands that never make a band song. Can’t help but listen to the older albums waiting for this one to come out. For me, its the only album I will burying myself in for a couple months. Anyone else feels like this will take over there summer?

    • Really? I’m a HUGE fan. I bought (and still own) the original ‘High Scores’ EP on Skam back in 96 because I bought everything on Skam back then assuming it would have something to do with AE. I loved everything BoC did passionately, until ‘The Campfire Headphase’. That album was a huge letdown for me. I’m really hoping ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ is a return to form.

      Also, I hope all these years off got them further along the path to figuring out how to release (and re-release) all the unreleased tracks and early stuff.

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