Kanye West @ Adult Swim Upfront Party 2013

Last night, Kanye West served at the surprise guest at the upfront party for Adult Swim, which went down at the New York venue Roseland. During his set, Kanye performed in a gigantic lit-up pyramid that somehow looked nothing like the Daft Punk pyramid, trotting out a couple of new songs, including one that Hudson Mohawke debuted in a DJ set recently and another, “Awesome,” dedicated to Kim Kardashian. And you know what that means: Shaky camera-phone footage! And you know what else that means: More ranting! Unfortunately, Kanye’s label has been quick about removing footage of the two new songs he played last night. But we do get to see the rant. And honestly, we call these things “rants,” but they always sound pretty reasonable to me. In this one, Kanye, one of the preeminent musicians of his generation, says that he’s the worst kind of celebrity, that he should be allowed to just make his music and have these fuckers with the cameras leave him alone. He uses more colorful language than that, but you know what? He’s right. Watch it below.

Kanye will be the musical guest on SNL this weekend, so hopefully these new songs won’t sound so muddy and mysterious for long.

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  1. Caroline McPartland  |   Posted on May 16th, 2013 0

    “I’m the worst kind of celebrity”. He’s nothing if not self-aware, I’ll give him that. barf.

  2. Isn’t “rant” the only way to characterize any of Kayne’s non-musical mouth noises? Perhaps sometimes it slides into a diatribe, but seriously, dude’s not known for being measured.

  3. This chooch would be left for musical dead and pure has been material if it wasn’t for the fact that he put out quite possibly the greatest album of the last decade. I wrestle with this hard realization every time I run into one of these horrid examples of ignorant human behavior.

    • It’s altogether possible that “Kanye West” is just a grand sociological experiment meant to test the limits of how long people can tolerate an increasingly execrable figure who is simultaneously producing great art. At what point does the near-comical levels of shittiness of the individual outweigh the quality of the work they produce? Is it when they threaten to “drop motherfucking babies”? Is it when they don leather skirts at benefit concerts? Is it when their heartfelt ode to a loved one is titled “Perfect Bitch”? Myriad other examples? I eagerly await to see the findings of this report.

      • …or singing songs that carry lines like “Here’s a toast ta all the assholes”, at Hurricane benefits concerts to raise money for those whose homes washed away. Good points Crania. This pompous temper tantrum boy is joke and frankly, as a listener, I’m sick of his bullshit. It’s to the point where art is imitating reality and I can’t separate the person & warped opinions from the music when listening to him. Indeed, how many times do we have to witness this child stomp his feet like a 3 year old while he thinks what he’s saying is relevant.

      • Not to nitpick, but I don’t really think he threatened to drop motherfucking babies, I think he was saying he’s not going to kiss motherfucking babies because he might drop said motherfucking babies and then get sued for having dropped the motherfucking babies.

  4. “Cuz all I do is make real music!”

    Holy shit. He really is that delusional. Hey everybody, remember when he showed up in a leather kilt for the 12/12/12 concert and was so terrible he made the subsequent prehistoric Billy Joel sound like Mozart?

    I forsee a reality television future: Kanye and Kim stuck in a submarine with Amy and Samy Bouzaglo. One SCUBA tank, one handgun, three bullets.

  5. Kanye West Rant + Comment section = the first circle of hell.

  6. That kid is so fucked.

  7. without a mixing console he is nothing but a talentless hack on stage. What a waste of space this man is

  8. i look through the videos on this site and one seems out of place…

  9. Kanye’s lost his god-damn mind. I can’t wait to see him in a skit on saturday…

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