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The Backstreet Boys’ luminous ballad “I Want It That Way” is almost indisputably the single greatest song to come out of the teenpop era, and if you’re still resisting its charms 15 years later, this is a pretty good morning to reconsider. Yesterday, during an in-store performance at Chicago’s Borderline Music, the British singer Charli XCX, who released her own album of pretty amazing pop songs just last month, busted out a charmingly low-key synthpop cover of the song. There’s nothing ironic about this particular cover; she’s radiating pure love the entire time. Also, I love how she handles the key change. Thanks to Stephanie for sending the cover in; check it out below.

Charli’s True Romance is out now on IAMSOUND.

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  1. People should be ashamed of themselves for digging garbage like this. Come on already, is this a joke?

  2. Tom be trollin. The entire teen pop era? You mean better than Genie in a Bottle, or Hit Me Baby (One More Time), or Oops I did it again? Or do you mean that wave of just boy bands? Better than Bye Bye Bye or Backstreets Back? What are the criteria here? What is the evidence of universal acclaim? Indisputably? In the Mirror Universe? Where everyone has goatees? What planet is this?

    • i was thinking the same. and i’m not even trying to be humorous – nearly all of those songs you’ve listed are far more MUSICALLY memorable than “i want it that way.” it’s kind of like the boy band equivalent of blink 182′s “all the small things” – major key, by-the-numbers, standard fare-rhythm, “pretty-sounding” bullshit. totally uninteresting. it’s like the “mary had a little lamb” of 90′s teenpop.

  3. Sorry, down voters. I didn’t mean to leave off the following options:

    C) they are all crap



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