Grizzly Bear on Ellen

I’m not sure if this necessarily qualifies as a career milestone for Grizzly Bear, since they’ve already been on a million TV shows. But maybe it’s an indicator of how nebulous and meaningless the entire idea of indie rock has become: Grizzly Bear playing their fractured, floating “Yet Again” on Ellen, as Ellen DeGeneres, who apparently loves the band, gives free copies of Shields to everyone in the studio audience. They sounded good, in any case, and you can watch the performance below.

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(via Pitchfork)

Shields is out now on Warp.

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  1. hey that was really cute : )

  2. These guys are super talented. Great performance, music and quality!

  3. Ellen’s crowd wasn’t ready for that psych-outro.

  4. Holy shit that was good. And that dude has a killer voice

  5. Glad to see Portia’s a fan too. Also, just glad to see Portia.

    Side note: Are they the first “indie” band to play on Ellen?

  6. “an indicator of how nebulous and meaningless the entire idea of indie rock has become”. So what was the initial pure idea of indie rock as you knew it that became so untrustworthy because of a great band playing on a tv show?

  7. Ellen just really loves music and she doesn’t allow herself to be boxed into a certain label, or style. Something that should be pretty clear by the choices she’s made in her “real” life. She has all kinds of musical acts on her show. I think they only think I haven’t seen is real hard metal. Otherwise, pretty much anything goes.

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