of Montreal - lousy with sylvianbriar

Veteran Athens, Georgia art-freaks of Montreal continue to crank out albums with commendable speed, and they’ve now announced plans to follow up last year’s Paralytic Stalks with a new album called lousy with sylvianbriar. The band recorded the new one in a home studio on a 24-track recorder, and they’re promising something a little more stripped-down than their frantically busy last few albums. Frontman Kevin Barnes tells Pitchfork that he “wanted the songs to be more lyric driven, and for the instrumental arrangements to be understated and uncluttered.” First single “fugitive air” certainly bears that out; it’s a beautifully executed Kinks-style snort-strut. Listen and check the tracklist below.

01 “fugitive air”
02 “obsidian currents”
03 “belle glade missionairies”
04 “sirens of your toxic spirit”
05 “colossus”
06 “triumph of disintegration”
07 “amphibian days”
08 “she ain’t speakin’ now”
09 “hegira √©migr√©”
10 “raindrop in my skull”
11 “imbecile rages”

Lousy with sylvianbriar is out 10/8 on Polyvinyl.

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  1. Awesome as a non-opossum can be! Glad that these guys don’t slow up, awesome. glad they change up their sound (and it’s always awesome (yes I loved Paralytic Stalks (yes, I know I am alone in the world.)))

    Any awesome words on when the album drops?

    • Pitchfork says October 8th! I also enjoyed Paralytic Stalks, but I love that their sound is constantly evolving. I dig the style of this new song. It was time for a change.

      • SWeeeeeeeeeeT. Change is awesome and of Montreal always provides it. They went way out into the deep in and now they’re swimming back . Glad for the adventure and glad to come back to solid ground. Thanks, neptune dude. Seeya in October.


        Opossum out.

  2. I wasn’t really into the last couple of albums, but I’m loving this track. It reminds me quite a bit of older David Bowie. I guess it’s fair to say much of their work sounds very Bowie-esque, but this track in particular sounds like it could be something off Diamond Dogs or even Low.

    • I hated the last few releases. They sounded like Kevin Barnes was creating these albums that required the listener to deliberately put in work to enjoy them… if that makes sense.

      Love this new song though.

  3. Looking forward to this!

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