The Weeknd - "You Belong To The World" Video

Last month, we posted video of the Weeknd debuting a new track called “You Belong To The World” live onstage in Toronto. The song, meant for the Weeknd’s forthcoming album Kiss Land, samples the world-annihilating drums of Portishead’s “Machine Gun” (more on that below) and it approaches the hard-pop falsetto paranoia of, say, Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.” The song’s new eight-minute video stars a black-uniformed Abel Tesfaye, who we see wandering lovestruck through a cold future-world, one in which people are forced to watch expressionist dance pieces. Can you imagine? Horrifying! Check it out below.

Kiss Land is coming soon from Republic; check also the video for the title track. One potential complicating factor: As soon as the “Belong To The World” video went up online, Portishead’s Geoff Barrow jumped on Twitter and claimed that the Weeknd had used the “Machine Gun” sample without permission: “When someone asks to sample you and you refuse they should have the respect as a fellow artist to not use it.”


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  1. His new music hasn’t been terrible per se, but what I’m missing is the low-def feel from his mixtapes. It made them sound more sultry and dark. Now, it just sounds too hyper-produced and big budget, and none of the hooks have stood out to me.

    Being a Drake fanboy, his beef with the Weeknd ever since the Weekend sided with Republic instead of OVO to put out his music was has been warranted since it was a pretty ungrateful move on Tesfaye’s part. After hearing these new tracks, I kind of think the Weeknd needed OVO in its corner to give them that cutting edge. Now dude is sampling Portishead without their approval? Shady, shady guy…

    • I couldnt disagree more. Abel’s the kind of guy who would have hit it big with or without Drake’s support. Drake helped, but I just think the climate in early 2011 was ripe for some sort of changeup in musical sound. Nostalgia Ultra hit and HOB hit and it was on…

      It was ultimately Abel’s choice where to sign anyways. One of the stupidest business decisions he could ever make would be to sign somewhere he doesnt feel is a good fit.

      Abel denies any beef with Drake. He says they are ok. Neither said anything about it because they didnt feel they should have to go to the public arena and say “we are ok”. Abel told Drake his intensions of signing with a major from day 1

      As far as sampling without permission he wrote them a letter saying the entire album was inspired by them. I had assumed the Siouxsie, Beach House and Topley Bird and other samples of HOB were all without approval too.

      • From what I understand, the past two or three Drake tracks (“5AM in Toronto” most notably) have all included disses directed at the Weeknd, which doesn’t sound to me like to two dudes who respect each other. Maybe the Weeknd isn’t getting involved, but Drake apparently is throwing shade his way.

        Also, the difference between any of the HOB samples is that it was a mixtape you could download for free which he didn’t make any money off of (until he of course gave it a physical release, and in all likeliness got the clearance then) while “Belong to the World’ is a track planned for for an album that won’t be a free download. So he wrote them a letter saying they inspired him? Okay, that’s nice, but inspiration comes with a price when it’s “inspired” to the point of reappropriating the actual music another artist makes for your benefit.

        • nah, drake isnt. I disagree. Reguardless you have two sides to choose from. Abel says he told drake from day 1 what the deal was, he was going his own way and that they are cool. Abel said Drake gets a kick out of the press saying they are beefing. As I said, Abel claimed that neither of them felt the need to update the public about it. Plus it fits into the Weeknd’s whole thing which is mystique, mystery, and secrecy.

          Drake doesnt have reason to be mad. Its Abel’s career. Again, why should Abel sign with a label he doesnt want to sign with. Plus, Drake is a fantastic musician, doesnt mean he’s a great buisnessman or label head. If the beef is true, seems childish. Both are undeniably great musicians. The “Abel owes Drake” sentiment you seem to be peddling ignores Abel’s role in his own art. Id argue that Abel’s mysterious and camera shy persona around HOB’s release, the lack of interviews, the youtube videos of the songs with half naked women, and the general tone of the songs had as much to do with Abel blowing up as Drake co-signing him did. There was awhile there when you didnt even know if the Weeknd was a band or one guy. Drake’s cosign could only do so much. If the music wasnt good, the public would have moved on to the next artist.

          The whole clearance thing I think is a early 2000′s issue and no longer relevant. We deal in a world of Girl Talk and mixtapes on Datpiff. No way Jai Paul got clearance for those movie clips he used in the demos. And sure those are all mixtapes that the artist wont make money off of, but I just think times have changed. I think its almost expected nowadays.

          Plus anyone with any business sense knows the using of samples on music only enhances the sampled bands stature and thus drums up more business for said artist. Go to the YouTube pages for the Topley Bird, Souixie, and Beach House songs that Abel sampled. Hundreds if not thousands of “Im here because of The Weeknd” comments. Id even argue The Weeknd introduced Souxie to a generation of fans or exposed them to it. Not sure too many teen girls these days are listening to Souxie, or would have been prior. As brilliant as Portishead is, they arent of the new generation. Makes sense they’d be clueless in this area

      • Trust me. You get permission from Siouxsie. She will cut you. Deep.

  2. I’m gonna go ahead and guess this song has to do with sex.

    I remember the Frank Ocean vs. The Weeknd debates people had the last two years. I don’t understand how people can choose the Weeknd. He makes good mood music for those faded nights or when you’re trying to seduce a fine young lady but I’ve tried to listen to him during the day or outside of those situations and honestly, I just don’t like it as much. He’s a talented guy but shit he needs to break out a little bit.

    • they both serve different purposes. You can like The Stones and The Beatles, while at the same time having a preference.

      They are completely different with different references and influences. Frank’s music is alot more sunny, more Stevie and classic soul and r and b influenced. And its brilliant.

      Abel’s music is darker, more red eyes after a late night and the inevitable comedown and hangover. The music is rich and complex, and THAT VOICE.

      I use the music and listen to them for different purposes. I think Abel excels at creating an atmosphere and picture with his music. Even if you dont live the life he describes you cant help but be drawn into it.

      The voice I think makes it sound easy. Gone was a freestyle. The guys got tremendous talent.

  3. and as far as the weeknd vs frank debate and the public choosing sides, I think they both won. I think Franks music lends itself to being more accessible and immediate and gets more radio play because of this.

    Its hard to market and get radio and airplay for abels songs with references to strippers, hookers, drugs, alcohol, and the like. And his musics just darker. Abel doesnt have a song like Lost for example, which is a brilliant song to be sure, but it symbolizes what im referring to.

  4. All one has to do is take 30 seconds on Youtube search Weeknd, and Drake and find an interview

    Drake discusses the “beef”. He certainly doesnt speak about Abel as if he’s pissed at him.

    Quoting Drake

    “People make their own decisions. He went on to do something that he felt was a great decision. More power to him. I talk to him all the time. Im looking forward to whatever he has coming in the future. I wouldnt call it a parting of ways. I just think, people reach a point where they need to make decisions.”

  5. I have some further details about the video and Kissland album on my site

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