Call 252-64-DPLAN To Hear New Dismemberment Plan Song “Waiting”

Tom Breihan | July 15, 2013 - 4:16 pm

The endlessly inventive DC postpunkers the Dismemberment Plan, one of my favorite bands of all time, have been back together and intermittently touring for a few years, and they recently announced some great news: There’s a new album coming. Uncanney Valley, the band’s fifth album, comes out in October, which feels like an eternity from now. But they’ve just picked a weird way to share “Waiting,” the album’s first single. If you dial 252-64-DPLAN, you can hear the song over your phone connection. It’s a shifty and nervous but bizarrely slick piece of indie-pop, and it’s got Travis Morrison in almost as wordy a zone as he was on “The Dismemberment Plan Get Rich.” Hearing it on a not-great phone connection is a uniquely frustrating experience, but it’s still better than not hearing a new D-Plan song. Give it a call. UPDATE: The song is on the internet now. Check it out below.

Uncanney Valley
is out 10/15 on Partisan.