Neko Case

Funny Or Die is about the millionth website to launch a new series in which musicians perform in unexpected places. In this one, musicians will go to work in clothing-boutique dressing rooms, surprising the shoppers in the store. Neko Case is the first guinea pig, playing her new single “Man” and cramming her entire band into a tiny location. This turns out to be difficult. Watch it below.

Case’s new album The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You is out 9/3 on Anti-.

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  1. Although it sounded awful, Neko Case still sounded amazing, if you were only focusing on the vocal. That is, if you could focus on the vocal

  2. Pretty sure this isn’t a real series… it’s just poking fun of Take Away Shows.

  3. FALSE. Neko Case performing at a vintage store in Los Feliz? That place would’ve been teeming with New Porno fans.

    Funny or Die just War of the Worlds-ed us.

  4. it was *perfect*, and you all know it.

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