Fiona Apple - "Hot Knife" video

For a moment in the late ’90s and early ’00s, Fiona Apple and the film director Paul Thomas Anderson were maybe the most interesting famous-people couple on the planet. And Anderson directed a number of Apple’s videos: her “Across The Universe” cover, “Fast As You Can,” “Limp,” the staggering “Paper Bag.” The couple eventually broke up, and the last of those videos came out 13 years ago. But now they’ve reunited for Apple’s new “Hot Knife” video, which is also Anderson’s first music video in 11 years.

“Hot Knife” ended Apple’s The Idler Wheel…, our favorite album of last year, and it felt like a bomb dropped at the end of the record: Look, I can do this, too. It’s a sort of ecstatic Broadway standard, the sort of thing that will loop in your head all day if you hear it once in the morning. (Be warned.) For the video, Anderson films Apple playing a drum and singing, and other than some split-screen action with the singer’s sister, Maude Maggart, that’s pretty much all you see for the entire course of the video. But Apple is a spellbinding performer, and Anderson knows how to capture an indelible image, so the entire video is riveting. Check it out below.

The Idler Wheel… is out now on Epic, and it is so good.

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  1. Amazing video. I’m pretty sure her sister, Maude Maggart, is the accompanying singer. In an interview with New York public radio, Fiona described recording Hot Knife with her. The process seemed entirely euphoric. Glad that was captured in this video.

  2. There Will Be Butter

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  4. There’s only 1 “accompanying” backup singer and it’s Fiona’s sister, Maude Maggart.

  5. I agree with darktown. I have seen Fiona in person and that side view is someone else.

  6. Hey, FYI the background singer the left is Fiona’s sister, Maude.

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  8. So awesome.

  9. Good video, great song. It’s currently a sing-along song of my 6 year old daughter. Classic Anderson video.

  10. One of my favorite tracks from The Idler Wheel…! I’m really glad it got a video. The visuals add another level of subtle intensity to the layered vocals and Fiona’s expressions are just perfect!

  11. I agree with the added intensity; takes the original whimsy and makes it darker, heavier. Very happy to have a reason for this album to come back into my life.

  12. I watched this here last night and got the album today (not familiar with Apple before). Amazing.

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