Lana Del Rey

Lately, a few mysterious and context-free Lana Del Rey tracks have been appearing online, including “Black Beauty” and the Lady Gaga-bashing “So Legit.” Today, we get another one: The lush, narcotized, soft-focus torch song “Maha Maha.” The song sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to a ’90s espionage thriller, possibly one of the ones that Pierce Brosnan made when he wasn’t making Bond movies. Listen to it below.

(via The Line Of Best Fit)

The songs could be intended for a new LDR album, or they could just be random old songs that have finally made their way to the internet.

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  1. The “emotion” in her voice just feels so forced and contrived. That sounds really hipster…

  2. strange, sounds like a leftover track that never worked from before, and sounds like she’s saying Mahi Mahi.

  3. I’m feeling it.

  4. Curious as to why Lana seems to have been running Stereogum since she appeared (or… changed her name). I don’t know if people enjoy it because they like her or just want to mock her behavior…

    Do people feel like she epitomizes the indie milieu (if there really even is such thing) or is the general opinion that shes a giant contrivance who makes calculated moves to exploit a popular scene?


    Regardless I don’t seem to understand why she gets this attention, not just on this website but in general.

    • Hmmm, some classic songs, some real lame songs, some genius artistic moves, some failed artistic moves. There’s no one else like her. What’s not to write about?

    • better question:
      Why is it that when she does pop up on this website, everyone is debating the reasons as to why this site needs to cover her?

      She writes and sings music. You wanna say whether or not you like it, thats just fine. What I don’t get is the need to say, “why am I seeing her face?” The answer is obvious. People apparently give a shit about her music, whether its to praise or bash it.

      This site is neither above nor beneath her. It’s a music site, she makes music.

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