Drake - "All Me"

Late-breaking summer jam alert! Last night, Drake threw a new track online, his first since he dumped four new ones on an unsuspecting internet back in June. The latest is “All Me,” which features two Kanye buddies in 2 Chainz and Big Sean (or, if you count the Aziz Ansari sample on the intro, three). And this thing is a hit! Magnificently spacey beat, hook that goes on forever and feels like five different hits, ridiculous 2 Chainz verse that tells you what happens when you try to go through airport security with a boner. Great song! Download it below!

Drake’s new album Nothing Was The Same is out 9/17 on Cash Money, and his latest shit is like a greatest-hits, goddam.

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  1. Posted this morning and still no comments?

    Everyone must agree this song is the greatest. (I’ve heard it 5 times)

    Now if only I could find that post on The Field’s new album and tell everyone how I REALLY feel…

  2. Is he just being funny by calling the song ‘all me’ and having the song not even be close to being ‘all him’ (guest rappers, a team of producers/managers/PR/etc)?

    I watched Degrassi TNG from the outset as a 19 year old sitting around w/my friends in order to laugh at it/make fun of it constantly. I’ll never be able to respect Drake. Ever.

    • Calm down.

    • Yes, laughing at and making fun of Degrassi — a show that was primarily meant for pre-teens and teens to make sense of all the crazy that goes through your mind as a hormonal adolescent — makes you so much better than Drake.

      And I’m sure when he was writing this fucking monster jam, “Dreams Money Can Buy”, “5 AM in Toronto”, “The Motion”, his verse on “Versace”, and the entirety of “Take Care” he was just pacing around the room, impossibly worried about earning adam antine’s respect.

      Someone take back his Grammy. Dude has failed adam antine, and so he has failed us all.

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    • Your average Stereogum user (not the regulars) does not respond well to negative criticism of the featured artist and generally takes you at your word so they have a chance to respond with a sanctimonious 3-5 paragraph comment…no matter how obvious it is that you were kidding.

      What’s funny is that YOU were told to calm down.

  3. Now that I’ve heard the song that closing line is even funnier.

  4. Holy Shit.

  5. Wait, what? Really? That 2 Chainz verse sounds like it was written by a 13-year-old who just hit puberty. I love Drake, but this is super weak. And the music is not innovative AT ALL. Seems phoned in. Let’s hope the album brings back his A-game. Sorry to sound whiny; I just really want good music from Drake.

    And can rappers please stop saying ho and bitches??? I mean, that’s super derogatory. Some of these lyrics are kind of disgusting.

    • That Sampha production and vocal work on The Motion was refreshing to me in terms of today’s hip-pop scene.

      Regarding 2 Chainz verse (which imo is top notch,) you have to realize 2 Chainz is coming out of a notorious anti-lyricism camp. In the same vein of Flacka or Juicy J, hes become a rap icon not because his writing is good (nobody is debating that its terrible) but because of the vibe he brings. 2 Chainz is the physical incarnation of the swag over substance movement, so despite you calling his lyrics childish, I’ve got to say you’re really missing the boat on that one.

    • Big Dawg, if you’re taking 2 Chainz seriously, you’re doing it wrong.

      • My complaint is that Drake usually has substance to his material, so this song sticks out in a bad way.

        Also, (and I get what you’re saying about anti-lyricism), but why is that a boat anyone want to get on? All because of $W@G?

        • Its dissent from the Nerd Rap movement.

          Music – like any other art medium – isn’t confined to a singular template of whats good and whats bad. Smart lyricism isn’t inherently better than “ignorant rap”.

          Lupe Fiasco-esque raps of intellect just aren’t progressive right now. The Will Ferrell sample on Niggas in Paris sums it up perfectly, lyrics don’t necessarily need to make sense or fall in line with any particular view of what you think is a good line, it just has to sound cool. As long as it “gets the people going.”

          For the record, I think the beat provides more than enough substance. That skittering high-hat is what takes the song to another level. Particularly in contrast to the otherwise modern, washed out synths used on the hook.

      • 2 Chainz (and Juicy J in most cases) suck. J’s better since he’s funny but ever since 2 Chainz used the word “contraband” in a track he’s worn out his welcome. he’s barely tolerable after a single bar.. it’s anti-lyricism without a hint of anything to get behind.

        at least Waka has rage and charisma. but he also has perenially overlooked jagged-fukd rhytms in his verses – which DO contain fun and reckless lyrics – that even some of the most creative, avante-garde drummers couldn’t come up with. 2 Chainz has no identity, much like this site as of late, and he and big sean rap in the same boring meters all the time. Tho at least Big Sean can do kind of nice melodic/catchy things. 2 Chainz is a lug bro. But tru (Don), big sean is a bitch.

  6. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

    This thing is a monster.

  7. Seriously? It’s not awful, but this really isn’t very good. It’s like we’re supposed to pretend that every hip-hop song involving a big name or two is a masterpiece these days. Mediocre would be the first word that comes to mind after hearing this.

  8. why does stereogum even cover this shit?

    • snarfblat  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2013 -1

      click on that ‘about spinmedia’ link at the bottom of the page.

      • Whoa. Fell down a wormhole.

        Found another answer to blackmajik’s question, click along to see my trail!

        Click “About SpinMedia”
        Click “the team”
        Scroll to Scott and it links to a Shut Up, Dude from March, click it
        Scroll to #1 comment, it’s Underscore with the following:

        “You know what would be a great way for 2013′s indie culture to go back to 2003′s? If content on large music websites wasn’t driven by online advertising goals.”

        Pretty cool, huh?

  9. So we’re just gonna be cool with 2 Chainz and Big Sean now?

    Got it.

  10. Big Sean went hard I could do without the other 2

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