John Mayer & Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean and John Mayer are friends. OK? We’re just going to have to deal with it. In the “Pyramids” video, Ocean gave Mayer the best guitar-solo video moment since Slash walked out of the church in “November Rain,” and there’s no way Ocean would do that if he didn’t actually like the guy. And now Mayer’s new album Paradise Valley has a brief 87-second song from Ocean, a calm and placid track called “Wildfire.” It seems to barely feature Mayer, and it’s entirely different from Mayer’s garbage-ass new single “Wildfire.” Listen to the Ocean song below.

Paradise Valley is out today on Columbia.

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  1. A friendship born of a mutual love for bandanas.

  2. Hm. Ok. Thanks Frank.

    Seems like an unwritten law to hate on John Mayer whenever his name is mentioned (especially within the same breath as someone like Frank Ocean), but I’ve never really minded the guy. Good melodies and a phenomenal guitar player.

    • Yeah, seriously. Who gives a shit if they’re friends? They’re both great musicians (I mean, for John Mayer you kind of have to look into his live recordings, but still).

  3. I really can’t stand the vast majority of John Mayer’s stuff, but the HUGE exception for me is Continuum. I think that album is great from front to back.

  4. so theres two tracks called wildfire? thats confusing

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