In May, Franz Ferdinand announced new album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action for release later this month. We’ve already heard tracks “Right Action” and “Love Illumination” from the LP, but now you can hear the entire thing in full. Check it out over at NPR.

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  1. “Right Action” is such a JAM.

  2. i miss the days of the world hearing new albums at once. weeks-early streams in-full, multiple singles pre-release, all serve to distribute the impact of new music.

  3. this album really hits a brick wall after first 3 songs. Kinda disappointing.

    • I’m kind of feeling the same way. I enjoy the last track, though. And there are some really nice melodies throughout. Hopefully the rest of the tracks grown on me, but for right now those first 3 are killer and the rest are rather mediocre.

  4. This is some bittersweet news, because while I am interested, I just discovered Bjork today, and listening to this album would cut into my 5th-in-a-row listen through Post. Hyperballad, man, Hyperballad.

  5. Such an amazing album. Give it time to grow!

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