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  • MTV Video Music Awards 2013
Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus

If you played our VMAs 2013 Drinking Game, you are very drunk right now. Tonight MTV invaded Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for the 30th annual MTV Video Music Awards, the borough’s first-ever televised live awards ceremony. There weren’t a lot of big surprises (thanks to spoilers from Stephen Colbert and Joey Fatone, Sr) other than the baffling choice of winners, but there were memorable moments for better (Drake) or worse (Miley). Watch highlights and see the list of KAWS Moonman recipients below.

Grimes Interviews Riff Raff On The Red Carpet

Lady Gaga Performs

Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, & 2 Chainz Perform

Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers, & Pharrell Present Best Female Video To Taylor Swift

Drake Performs

’N Sync Perform

Vampire Weekend Present Song Of The Summer Award To One Direction

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform With Mary Lambert & Jennifer Hudson

Kanye West Performs

Katy Perry Performs

Video Of The Year: Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors”

Best Male Video: Bruno Mars – “Locked Out Of Heaven”

Best Female Video: Taylor Swift – “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Best Pop Video: Selena Gomez – “Come And Get It”
Artist To Watch: Austin Mahone – “What About Love”

Best Collaboration: Pink Feat. Nate Ruess – “Just Give Me A Reason”
Best Video With A Social Message: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Same Love”

Best Rock Video: 30 Seconds To Mars – “Up In The Air”

Best Hip-Hop Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Ray Dalton -”Can’t Hold Us”
Best Art Direction: Janelle Monae Feat. Erykah Badu – “Q.U.E.E.N”

Best Choreography: Bruno Mars – “Treasure”
Best Cinematography: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Ray Dalton – “Can’t Hold Us”

Best Direction: Justin Timberlake Feat. Jay-Z – “Suit & Tie”

Best Editing: Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors”

Best Visual Effects: Capital Cities – “Safe And Sound”
Best Song of the Summer: One Direction – “Best Song Ever”

Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award: Justin Timberlake

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  1. Those tech categories winners all range from solid to excellent. And JT did deserve the win, as I think his two first videos for the album are truly among the year’s best overall. So, not their best year, for sure, but they had much worse (like that one in which One Direction and Bieber won).

    And seriously, I did not see Grimes, so disappointing.

  2. Grimes is so incredibly awkward. I love it.

  3. That was nice of Justin Timberlake to let MTV do an awards show during his concert.

  4. I think I heard the world dry heave in unison as Miley gyrated her boyish figure all across that stage. Good thing JT made up for it with a little class. I tunred that shit off after that though.

    • Just watched a few highlights…Katy Perry jump roping wasn’t bad either.

      • Best part of her performance imo.

          • It’s pretty aparent the obvious difference between Katy’s “sexy, fun, entertaining” performance and Miley’s “gross, degrading, embarrassing” one right? As a man that appreciates a woman’s sex appeal, Katy was successful. Miley was most decidedly NOT. Movin’ her hips like NO.

          • I agree. Miley is doing this “Punk Rock Gangsta chick” schtick and is trying soooooooooooo hard to make everyone forget she’s is Hannah Montana from the Disney channel that it’s almost cringy worthy watching her….F that, it is cringy worthy!..At least Katy has actual talent, Miley can stick her tongue out and twerks….good for her I guess

          • Miley looked more like Lil’ Kim than Lil’ Kim did last night.

          • Have to disagree with the Katy Perry has actual talent comment unless that talent is being mediocre in every way and making songs that shoot right for the middle of mass appeal. If there’s one thing I have to hand to Miley Cyrus it’s that she’s at least trying to set herself apart. I mean last night was still terrible but at least she tried.

          • @sd…..I guess my point is Miley is trying too hard, and it’s coming off as cartoonish. I’m not a huge Katy Perry guy but Miley is not even a blip of Katy’s radar as far as singing and performing is concerned.

          • Katy’s lyrics are generally pretty terrible, but that’s about all I have a problem with as far as she’s concerened. I actually do think she is talented. She writes great, catchy pop songs (with crappy lyrics). It may not be my favorite thing in the world, but she’s definitely miles beyond Miley. “At least she tried” isn’t any consolation at all. Because the point is she shouldn’t have.

          • Katy Perry has only two things going for her and they don’t sing or dance.

          • Haha! But admit it…they help the song and dance seem better

  5. MJ must have come from heaven to pass the torch to JT before his performance. The medley was nothing less than perfect.

  6. Highlights:

    1)Justin Timberlake’s performance muderstomped everyone elses

    2)Lady Gaga (DAT A$$!!!!)

    3)Bruno Mars

    4)Kevin Hart


    1) MTV heavily using “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” in their promos for this show, and not even having Mike D or Ad-Rock make an appearance

    2) Rock having ZERO representation. C’mon MTV, not even one band?!

    3) Hannah Montana twerking

    4) Ugh………..Hannah Montana twerking

  7. Standing in front of Daft Punk, Taylor Swift said, “I feel so lucky.”


  8. Brooklyn’s VMAs.

    No black musicians won awards.

    Lil’ Kim was the only local black musician given a mic, and her job was to present the award for best hip hop video to…a clueless white “rapper” who crassly appropriates black culture as “funny” and “ironic” in his videos.

    …the fuck?

  9. Keith Flint looks revitalized

  10. 1. I didn’t know that you can’t say Mali on TV. Interesting…

    2. Miley’s performance = Worst Acid Trip Ever

    3. Daft Punk got screwed over! No respect!

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  12. I miss the good ol days when the VMAs were more family-friendly and performers either made out with each other or they danced half naked with snakes.

  13. just a real pop culture gutter

  14. Is anyone else less appalled by Miley’s cheap antics and more creeped out by Robin Thicke? Isn’t that guy almost 40? Playing an award show whose target demographic are 12 year olds? Dancing with a confused girl that is half his age and singing a song essentially about date rape?

    • I’ve always been creeped out by the refrain “I know you want it” in that song. I mean, that’s not sexy — that’s the last thing a drunk girl hears before she passes out.

  15. The only thing Thicke about that guy is his waistline. Oh, and the fact that he’s thick, as in a bit dim.

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