Luscious Jackson 2013

Luscious Jackson, the great and deeply underrated Beasties-affiliated ’90s funk-pop crew, are back together, and they still have this unfakeable New York cool. (Thinking back, they pretty much defined my entire image of New York before I moved there for the first time, and their image of the place wasn’t far off.) The band has a new album called Magic Hour, which they’re self-releasing after making it via crowd-funding. Group members Jill Cunniff and Gabrielle Glaser produced the album, and Ad-Rock helped out on one track. Below, listen to first single “Show Us What You Got,” which rocks the cowbell like it’s still 1995.

Magic Hour is out 11/5 on the group’s own City Song label, which should be enough to remind you that “City Song” is an amazing song.

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  1. Oh, I really like this. Thanks for the heads up, they really are so underrated, but all kind of great as well.

  2. Fever in Fever out is still in my top 5 favorite albums of all time! This band more than any other defined my coming of age years. So glad they are getting back together.

  3. Awesome, I helped fund this album a year ago and was unaware of the status. Good to know that my $12 didn’t go in vain.

  4. s/o grand royal

  5. This ain’t bad at all.

    Speaking of funk-inflected alt-rockers of the era, I really hope the Afghan Whigs actually put an album out, because the Twilight Singers discography just doesn’t do a very good job capturing the vibe that Dulli captured so amazingly well on 1965.

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