MGMT - "Cool Song No. 2" video

Today, MGMT release their messy self-titled third album, and they’ve also got a new video for us. The “Cool Song No. 2″ clip, directed by Isaiah Seret, stars Michael K. Williams — Omar from The Wire! In a bit of a riff on the character that made him famous, Williams plays an absolute badass with a male lover. We see him strutting around dressed like a member of A$AP Mob, driving a vintage sports car, and murdering people with his bare hands. But we also see him gently caring for a lover who appears to be transforming into a tree. This is, after all, an MGMT video. Watch it below.

MGMT is out now on Columbia.

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  1. I think you’re jumping to conclusions saying they are lovers, one man can care for another man, who they care about as a close companion in a plutonic sense, in an intimate manner…………………can’t we?

  2. Something tells me that this video is gonna oddly invade my dreams tonight.

  3. Looks like the guy is suffering from a comparatively photogenic case of Epidermodysplasia verruciformis.

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