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Shoegaze-tinged, electro-thumping Saratoga Springs duo Phantogram built up a grassroots following for 2009 debut Eyelid Movies by touring their asses off. Since then they’ve released 2011′s killer Nightlife EP, collaborated with Big Boi and the Flaming Lips and continued to tour their asses off. It’s been four solid years and still no official announcement regarding second LP Voices, but they have dropped hints and a great new song called “Black Out Days.” And they’ll keep us dangling for the time being, but they do have some more new music to tide us over, a self-titled EP that’s coming less than a week from now. Here’s a taste of that EP, a typically arching and swooning track called “Celebrating Nothing” that splits the difference between Beach House and Sleigh Bells. Stream it below.

Phantogram’s self-titled EP is out 9/30 via Republic.

[Photo by Timothy Saccenti]

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  1. Something about the two new songs just isn’t hitting me the same way that Eyelid Movies and Nightlife did. The instrumentals seem too tense or something – the beat in this song feels like it should go somewhere but it just paces back and forth through the whole song and leaves me cold. Hopefully it’s just a reflection of the writing process for this EP and when they get around to putting out a sophomore LP they won’t seem quite so removed.

    Still better than Chvrches though.

    • You hit the nail man ! These 2 new songs sound so mechanical. No passion in them. I’ve got a feeling Phantogram is burned out a bit. which is sad because expectations were so high.

      • They were definitely passionate live at the Hollywood Bowl last Sunday with M83.

        On the other hand, I’m not sure how long they’ve been on Republic Records (which is affiliated with Universal). They had a new drummer (new as in not the bald guy they use to play with live) and a aux/keyboard/bass player. Sarah was freed up to move around a lot more.

        I’m stoked to see them again next month

    • Yeah seriously, Phantogram deserve way more attention than CHVRCHES, Phantogram are so much fresher than the over done synth-pop of CHVRCHES.

  2. I disagree….They released the more mechanical ones for a reason,u got to have more structured tracks to attract people who may not be used to more ambience,hectic breaks and or different styles..I still think they got it just got to wait and see.

  3. Personally , after listening to the past album and ep , their sound has evolved ever so slightly. The beats that they useand the way they orchestrate their songs are just epic if you rlly take the time to listen, and i mean really listen. I’m very excited to hear whats next and i would recommend Phantogram to any friend i know.

  4. listen for the bass to hit at 1:48 in Black Out Days, for some reason I can’t hear it on my desktop speaker system but in my car it sounds awesome. Also damn she is gorgeous.

  5. I’m so proud of these two, representing my hometown. Black Out Days is my Autumn jam.

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