Charli XCX - "SuperLove" Video

Earlier this year, the London pop singer Charli XCX released True Romance, one of the finest debut albums in a year full of fine debut albums. And now, she’s already making plans for the follow-up. We don’t know anything about Charli’s next album yet, but she’s just shared a flirty video for the fizzy, club-happy first single “SuperLove,” which has more of a big-room nightclub feel than anything on True Romance. In director Ryan Andrews’s crazy-fun video, Charli and friends strut through Tokyo, hanging out with dancing robots and motorcycle gangs. Watch it below.

(via Gorilla Vs. Bear)

This might be a good place to mention that Charli also shows up on Danny Brown’s forthcoming album Old, and that that album fucking rules.

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  1. Another home-run… it amazes me how consistent she is with putting out such great songs in such short time periods of each other. I’ll be listening to this on repeat this morning.

  2. “flirty… fizzy, club-happy…. crazy fun”

    I like Charli decently enough, but at this point what is the difference between her and Katy Perry (who is also fine but people seem ashamed to like)? The only thing I’m hearing is a slight English accent.

    • her other songs are nothing like KP, although i admit this one has a very KP-esque jaunt to it.
      her usual stuff is ever so slightly more left field influenced i think.

    • Wow, please don’t compare the two cuz they are completely different animals. Katy Perry is manufactured pop that aims straight for the middle and is least common denominator. Terrible inuendo and incredibly weak metaphors. She is the Big Bang Theory/Two and Half Men (or any other terrible Chuck Lorre sitcom) of pop music.

    • This isn’t amazingly huge, so people dare admit they like it.

  3. It’s OK I guess but I prefer the more goth Charli on her album.

  4. Any time I think about radio pop, I think “Why isn’t Charli XCX huge on the radio?”

    This is not to say that I like the radio or that I think she is radio-poppy…I just think she’s making better pop than all of the others. Her and Niki & the Dove (let’s all say a prayer about a new album from them soon!!!).

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