Jimmy Kimmel Kanye joke

An old-school Kanye West Twitter rampage! It’s been forever since he’s done one of those! A couple of years ago, Kanye’s Twitter was a fascinating and quotable portal into the celebrity-genius brain, to the point where my colleague Jonah Weiner built an entire magazine-style profile for Slate entirely out of Twitter quotes. Lately, though, Kanye’s been using that Twitter for nothing but garden-variety promotion. Or he was, anyway, until last night. The thing that set him off once again: A skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, obviously.

All this week, BBC Radio 1 has been airing pieces of a rare hour-long interview between Kanye and Zane Lowe, and it’s been full of classical Kanye bluster. (Most notoriously, he called himself the “#1 rock star on the planet.”) Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel spoofed that interview with a few cutting jokes (mostly about the practicality of leather jogging pants) and a skit, in which two child actors recite quotes from the interview. Observe:

Kanye spent a while last night going off on Kimmel on Twitter. The complete text:









He also posted that picture above, as well as a picture of Spongebob Squarepants’ face, alleging that Kimmel looks like Spongebob. I mean, he really brought out the big guns.

Kimmel, of course, responded immediately. In his monologue last night, Kimmel alleged that Kanye had called him to demand an apology. He also read a bunch of those Tweets on the air and responded to each of them. Here’s that video:

There’s no way this story is over of course, and we’ll hear plenty more about it. But let me just say this: If your response to this feud is to pick a side, or to feel anything less than pure delight, you are doing it wrong.

UPDATE: Kanye has since tweeted an article from Slate titled, “Kanye West Was Right: Jimmy Kimmel’s Sketch Was Ignorant And Stupid” arguing exactly that. He then shared a series of quotes from fashion designer Jibril Durimel…

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kanye West is a national treasure.

  2. not that I’m some dog or misogynist, but I’d take sarah silverman over kardashian or that bald lady on the crappy vodka commercials any day.

    • Hah, dude, I think you’re good. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself for thinking a female is more attractive than another female. Everyone needs to chill with being so politically correct and overly-sensitive when it comes to offering healthy compliments to others. It’s not like you’re objectifying anyone in a sexually demeaning way. Off topic rant, but it bugs me lately that there’s these screaming feminists lately all over the media who are making everyone feel guilty for finding others attractive, be it for looks, personality or whatever they’re into. If you’re into someone for their money, fine. That’s your prerogative. If you’re a size queen, fine. Go for it, honey. I’ll be damned the day I sign into facebook and girls aren’t swooning over pics of Rob Gronkowski and dudes are wishing they could marry Zooey Deschanel or whatever.

      • I was just trying not try to sink to level of a progressive genius like kanye west, and objectify women for their relative value as some sort of commodity arm candy. but the fact that he used the word good pu**y reminds me of one of my favorite david cross bits –


        • Oh wow! From the archives! I’d never seen that, but I LOVE when David does his throat trick. Maple Syrup everyone!

          Sort of on topic… the part in the interview where he briefly talked about Kim clarified their whole relationship for me. Kanye said what he loves about Kim is that she loves him and doesn’t need his money. And that’s RARE for him to find these days.

          I never thought of it that way. Made sense to me.

      • Always nice to see 2 dudes sort out the finer details of what is and isn’t misogyny among themselves.

        • Hey, always good to see an asshole who knows everything about the life and world, too!

        • Sorry about the snippy response — rough A.M.

          The topic you allude to is one much bigger than a music site comment section can do justice to. In short, though, I’d like to think that most thoughtful male readers and commenters here aren’t in any danger of being offensive and misogynistic. This isn’t BrooklynVegan. So let’s not play the “Who can be less misogynistic-y” game, alright? Throwing guys under the bus just to make yourself look better doesn’t make you a moral compass, it makes you a dick. #NODISRESPECT

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          • What bus?

            Anyhoo, I am just always amused when dudes go off about how everyone’s so “overly-sensitive” about “political correctness” these days, and I like to point out such occasions so that others may join in my amusement. I am simply spreading joy, here.

          • I wasn’t trying to define misogyny. If you read my entire first comment, you’d see that I was saying that both sexes are capable of saying things about the other that could be construed as “disrespectful” under these misogynistic guidelines (whatever they may be,) but unfortunately, the media only tends to focus on how it’s damaging to women. Sorry, but women aren’t always angelic victims in the objectification game. I mean, do you honestly think that a man will never experience something similar to misogyny? If you do, I invite you to walk in my shoes for a day where women see your muscles first and either want to know you for the wrong reasons or hipster ones don’t want to know you at all because they assume that since you aren’t skinny like the other guys they date, you must be a chauvinistic pig.

          • Found what it’s called for when the ladies do it to the dudes! Misandry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misandry

          • I’m with _ on this one.

            It’s shitty to demagogue a person who shares SLIGHT and TENDER criticism of a VEHEMENT and STRIDENT movement. Self sacrificial I’m-A-Male-But-Women-Are-Better posturing akin to Default Genders is, interestingly enough, self defeating for men.

            I’m all for a female president, and in my work experience have preferred working under women. But these are nuanced issues, and in these discussions there isn’t room for any bullshit upvote seeking comments.

          • annnnd realized my bitterness on the issue just led to me sounding like a cross between Rambo, Macho Man, and Steregum Community Disser.

          • Annnnd jut reread it a second time, and, fuck it, i stand by it.

          • Ooh, cool downvotes! Sorry for the slow response, I was on vacation.

            In response, yes, I did read your whole comment, which I think is pretty apparent from my response, so can we be cool?

            Secondly, I didn’t ever say that it was only damaging to women, but I think what you’re obscuring is that the inherent power dynamic at play here runs against women more than it runs against men. Does it hurt men? Absolutely! But it’s the same chauvinist societal viewpoint that hurts women that is hurting men also, you can’t address one without addressing the other. These aren’t two sides at odds here, feminists on one side of the trench and men on the other, we should be out there on the same side of the trench here and I don’t think that denying that refusing to acknowledge that misogyny is a really serious thing that exists is helping the issue.

            I’m sorry that you feel personally victimized, Michael_ and honestly, I’m not trying to attack you personally. I admit I’m making some generalizations and neither men nor women are monolithic groups where everyone is the same. I remember growing up being the weird awkward kid who really didn’t fit into the classic male stereotype of tall strong and muscular. But, just for the record, I would have killed for the body that you’re complaining about, and I feel like it’s kind of disingenuous to make the claim that what you experience is equivalent to victims of misogyny, because of the societal baggage surrounding each issue.

            Again, #NODISRESPECT

        • hahahhahaha…I wasn’t trying to sort out anything, just say I’d prefer one over the other and not sound like a bro. But being put in my place by Rex Manning (the clown prince of fictional misogyny) is pretty funny.

  3. Haha I love that last tweet

  4. YES! i hope he tweets once a minute for the rest of our lives.

  5. Jimmy Kimmel = Hampton Blouse

  6. Glad to see fatherhood hasn’t mellowed him out any. I’d much rather have this than see pics of him walking out of a CVS with diapers and formula.

  7. I’d have to say. Those kids are probably better actors than the guys Kanye got for his American Psycho spoof.

  8. Tears on the Leaves :,(

  9. OH SHIT you know you’re though when you can no longer get respect at high school football games!

  10. This may be the greatest thing I’ve ever woken up to (not sure if sad or amazing).

  11. I never really cared for Good Will Hunting. #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK

  12. Wow…Kanye really is terrible at the trash talk. Terrible as in he sucks at it, because at least he is consistent in flapping his stupid mouth. Watching Kanye try to insult someone is like watching some punk ass elementary school kid try to taunt an grown man with his playground gibberish. Its entertaining, annoying, and embarrassing all at the same time. When will someone just smack him and send him home already?

    • Downvote away. Kanye is a waste of my attention and I’m sick of hearing about him.

      • You got my up vote, dude.

      • Honestly KidChair, I’m completely with you. I find him a caricature of narcissism, unbridled sexism and an irresponsible ego trip galore. He never comes across as cerebral or eleoquent. I could pick an artist, say like Billy Corgan, and hear thoughtful and contemplative musings. Many people would disagree with Billy, but Billy’s ego is backed up by prime talent.
        I listened to Yeezus. I listened to My Dark and Twisted Fantasy. I think the production is stellar. I think the rapping and lyrics are mostly meaningless and lacking in any nuance of talent, wit and taste. People can praise their sacred cows all they want, but Quincy Jones had it right when he quipped on Kanye that a producer is one who can actually read music, write music and perform music. The free pass to somebody incredibly belligerent and almost intolerably obnoxious like Kayne is beyond me.
        You know, Saul Williams should be getting all the semi-rave reviews that Yeezus is getting. That man is brilliant, intelligent, plugged in and really REALLY talented. But, Saul Williams is but a blip that few people know. Anyway, I feel you, as do a lot of people. Sacred Cows sometimes deserve to be slaughtered and with Kayne West, I think the amount of attention given to his borderline sociopathic idiocy is mind numbing and says a lot about us as a collective society and as music fans/critics. I would be curious to see what Tom thinks of Saul Williams.
        Kanye will go away one day. Rock and roll will never die and it just waits to overtake the utter shite that plugs up the pipeline.

        • I saw Saul when he toured with NIN back in ’06. He was amazing. I said it earlier, but I ashamed that I haven’t listened to Niggy Tardust.

        • To add to my above Kanye West rant, I should say I regret coming across a bit angry/judgmental. You can downvote or upvote away, it doesn’t matter. But opinion should always be tempered with some grace. After all, Steve Albini, the world’s toughest critic did it with Odd Future.

        • Keep those downvotes a-coming. They ironically and quite strongly strengthen my point.

        • You took the words out of my mouth. Can’t stand the guy. He has some good songs, but he’s vapid, vain, uninteresting, materialistic, whiny, ignorant, humorless and dumb. He makes good beats. A real rock star doesn’t get into twitter spats with a late night talk show host.

      • Yeah Kanye Sucks big time, I’m not sorry, I listened to Yeezus and it is one of the worst things I have ever heard, and in general he sounds like a real Mcasshole.

        • Unfortunately, I agree with you and you’ll soon be downvoted for your sentiment. I now have a downvote stalker who’s downvoting every comment I put up, even the non opinionated ones. It’s actually kind of humorous :P Welcome to the ‘Gum :)

    • Really? That Spongebob pic is universal hilarity. The word motherfucker under that shining face with a rainbow? What D-tits said.

      Going after the way in which he trash talks is juvenile. He said in that BBC interview that he doesn’t do diss tracks. It’s obviously not his specialty, but the fact that he made two custom WTF? worthy memes is really funny.

      But can we boil this down to the real point here? Had you all listened to that BBC interview LIKE I TOLD YOU in the Drakeography post, we’d all be on a level playing field discussing this (hilarious) “beef”. During the interview with Zane Lowe, he talks about how legendary said interview will be, going so far as to say people in five years will RE-WATCH it and go, “He called that, he called that, he called that,” and there are elements in it where I’m thinking, “He’s not too far off base.”

      THE BEST aspect of it, that’s ALREADY proving to be true is when he talks about how the media and society will brush that interview aside and forget about it. How people won’t talk about it, or in Jimmy’s case, make fun of it, even though it’s one of the most candid, unfiltered (unlike the NYT article) glimpses into the mind of, yes, the #1 Rockstar on the planet. We make fun, but please, name me one bigger that isn’t over the age of 50.

      For how much he gets discussed on this site, it baffles me how little attention that interview received. I figured I’d see a Deconstructing post within days of that interview, if not for the simple reason of quoting that endlessly quotable interview.

      I mean he even talked about being wired and doing the things he does because of how his parents were. Certainly we’ve all thought about how we’re derived from our parents or that we’re just an amalgamation of our lineage?

      ANYWAY… I bought Yeezus tickets and now I’m homeless. *sigh*

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        • A comedian is better at making jokes than Kanye? Ya don’t say!

          I don’t even interpret his tweets as trying to make Kimmel look dumb. I see them as, “WTF man?! I thought we were friend!”

          You can see it on Kimmel’s (Spongebob) face when he reads the tweet about the wedding. Even better is when he reads the one about Sarah Silverman being funnier than him and the world knowing it. He couldn’t even respond to it. Like he said in his head, “Well…” Proof in a tweet or two later when he says, “Now that’s just insulting Sarah.”

          My response wasn’t all targetted at you KiDCHAIR. I know you don’t care for the guy, you’ve made that clear several times. Even though you don’t care for the guy, he is WAY better than Miley Cyrus. Miley’s another pop-puppet being held up by sleezy businessmen. Whereas Kanye is more of a lone dog because most rich people don’t want anything to do with him. (example: The Kimmel tweets). But he’s far more motivated than Miley and wants to do A LOT more than just music.

          Remember when he did that panoramic movie… thing? on the beach during Cannes? He talks about that and how the next day George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were being interviewed on the future of cinema and they were both talking about bigger screens that surround the audience. Kanye, rightfully so, points out that HE JUST DID THAT.

          It’s interesting, I’m glad you’ll give it a listen. Just take off the rose-tinted glasses first ;)

          • Well…as these things usually boil down to when I rant about Kanye…the truth is I respect his ambition and yet hate the results. He maddens my soul, and I’m a full on hata’ so I throw in my jabs when I can. Glasses and all.

      • I just may go and watch it now though, but only because you did tell me to and I disobeyed.

        Respect and forgiveness, RJ.

        • I mean, it’s a radio interview. You don’t have to WATCH it.

          I let it play and went and made myself some food while listening to it.


          • Dude, i was with KidCHair on this one but now that i’m reading yoru exchange i’m gonna check it out.

            Reminds me of that time when Erykah Badu just kept dissing a girl’s long neck that was gettin at her the other day. That and this kinda thing make me appreciate Twitter and the art of offbeat trash talk.

      • I actually have no problem with the “#1 Rock Star” quip, he’s probably dead on with that. Doesn’t make me like him more, but it’s probably true.

    • Damn…I was kind of hoping I’d win worst comment for this one. Haha ; )

  13. Actually, the more I think about it, this is probably fake.

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    • lame to live in a world where making fun of a man for his pride in leather jogging pants turns into racism.

      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

        • “not showing humility” is a great way to spin Ye’s infamous egomania. I would sure hope a white man as self-obsessed (not showing humility?) as Kanye would get made fun of as well–though I’m sure his retorts would be nowhere near as amazing.

          • Child, please! Outside of the leather jogging pants comment, the content in that Kanye interview was great, and he came off very smart and lucid. Ya’ll can name the handful of white entertainers for being ridiculed all you want, but there have been way too many great black men and women that have been torn down by society for speaking that real and believing in themselves. Kanye didn’t say anything outlandish in that video, yet Kimmel was quick to cast him as a clown. Kanye out here doing interviews in foreign countries, and is getting skits on late night tv devoted to them. He has every right to call himself a rock star.

          • I think the “Kanye didn’t say anything outlandish in that video” thing is where you’re very, very wrong.

        • Shut up dude.

    • Is that a joke or serious?

    • come on, seriously?

    • Come on. Few egos are as large as Kanye West, and anyone who comes close gets lampooned too (i.e. Bono, Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, etc.).

      To declare Kanye West off limits because he’s black would be way more racist.

    • Oh man he was serious…

  15. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • False. The #1 Rock Star is clearly Andrew W.K.

    • I actually agree with the Rock Star thing. I don’t like him, but it’s probably true.

      On the other hand, wasn’t it you that was trying to make the point that Kanye has done so much more for music culture BECAUSE of his fasion bull shit?
      Quote: “He made it ok for young black kids to dress hip with tight jeans and stuff rather than just Hilfiger/Rocawear crap.”

      • Kanye didn’t invent tight jeans – that’s what hip people have often worn through the ages, and Kanye was one of the first hip rappers, so he made it ok for rap fans to be hip and not buy the latest mall-gangsta brands.

        But once Kanye tries to actually design clothes and stuff, then he’s veering off into Kiss-selling-action-figures, Glenn-Frey-taking-acting-jobs territory.

        • Meh I dunno about that. Lots of artists have multiple passions and are successful entrepreneurs. I don’t see anything wrong with that aspect in and of itself. Unless of course it gets in the way of what they’re good at (which in Kanye’s case it doesn’t). Jay Z on the other hand…Rap is just a drop in the pool compared to his other endeavors. Which is probably why his rap sucks.

          (Raptor, lookit me defending Kayne… who’da thought?)

          • You’re doing great!! So proud.

            Because who are we to judge his dreams? Designing clothes has been a dream of him since he was young (I bet you can’t guess how I found that out!)

            He wants to be the black man at the end of the runway. Who are we to make fun of the man’s dreams? That was a dumb question… We’re the Internet. We do what the fuck we want.

          • I mean, yeah, I don’t begrudge him doing what he wants, but we can make fun of it. Kim Gordon designed clothes, so it’s clearly possible to do that kind of thing. But it’s a thin line. Except in rare cases, you should respect the art you’re known for and not “branch out” ($$$) into tacky fan-swindling ventures. Would you have thought less of Tupac or Malkmus if they had a clothing line? LOL.

  16. This is fake, you guys.

    • I’d believe it.

      Hopefully it’s just Kanye’s way to get people to give that interview a listen. This was a much more effective method than anything I could say.

      • I agree. The fact that the only press I’ve seen regarding the interview has been condensed attempts to lampoon the man is upsetting. Sadly things like this are the reason why the modern pop landscape is always deemed such trash – any honesty or vulnerability seems to get eclipsed by headline makers.

        Mr. West comes along with the ego and talent to change things and all people want to do is marginalize him or reduce his efforts to tabloid fodder.

        Clearly the man has issues with self-control, egoism, and is overly-sensitive to attempt to harass, poke fun, or troll him; but if I had put the body of work into modern pop music he has (you’re welcome Jay-Z and Beyonce) I would likely be infinitely more agitated with people so eager to dismiss my work or abilities because of my personality.

      • Good call. Especially if he got me thinking about diving into the interview.

        Well played, Yeezy. Well played.

    • If so it’s still going. Kanye just took to twitter again. This time to defend himself. He doesn’t do a great job of it, but many of the arguments made in this thread are in there if you look.

    • I naturally assume that everything with Kanye’s name attached is fabricated. I think he is really just a graduate student in sociology whose thesis project got way out of hand and he doesn’t know how to stop the experiment.



    • Your logic doesn’t work because the South Park skit was thorough, well-timed and timeless. He even brought it up in the BBC interview!

      But the Kimmel thing is different because it just outright dismisses the BBC interview as nothing special. It’s not so much that Kimmel is making fun of Kanye, it’s that he’s belittling an interview where Kanye was very open and sincere.

      • I don’t know about timeless, the actual song “Gayfish” is vintage South Park, but the rest of the episode is pretty hit or miss imo. I doubt jokes about Carlos Mencia will age well. Either way I take back the comparison, it was just what I immediately thought of when I heard about this.

        Look I’m not here to defend Kimmel’s bit (though why people are acting surprised that Mr. Man Show himself is still kind of an ass is beyond me), but look at Kanye’s response and tell me that wasn’t ridiculous and childish. “I get more pussy than you”, “you’re face looks stupid”? That’s something an 8th grader would say. If you can bring in a major fashion designer to back you up, aren’t you kind of above responding to Jimmy Kimmel anyway? The bit might have been in poor taste, but Kanye’s response wasn’t much better. Presenting yourself as a serious high brow artist (who really does make serious high brow art, not denying that), and then responding to a two bit late night hack’s parody with something a twelve year old playing Call of Duty would say, that deserves some mockery.

        Ugh…talking about Kanye at 4 in the morning, what the hell is wrong with me.

        • *your

          Gee, an edit function sure would be nice…

        • Truth be told, when I typed “timeless” the part I had in mind was when Kanye first doesn’t get the joke in, of all places, an interview. The whole idea of him being in an interview and MISSING THE POINT pops up again with this new actual interview. So it made me think, “Damn South Park, calling it out from the past.”

          And of course the fact that it still noticeably bothers Kanye says something about its longevity.

          On the Carlos Mencia part, I agree that won’t age too well, but have you thought recently… where did that guy go? He fell off after all those joke stealing allegations. The fact that Trey thought to take down Carlos in their Kanye episode helped take that episode to the next level. When he’s sputtering in the chair desperately trying to explain it to Kanye? Holy shit that’s fucking funny.

          But yeah… I think we can all agree that Twitter beef is really silly always. Unfortunately that seems to be where any of this goes down anymore. I guess we can expect a Jimmy Kimmel diss in a future track…

  18. https://twitter.com/tejucole/status/383617157868707840

    “Nina Simone, James Baldwin, Miles Davis, Kanye West: no point explaining uppity negritude to those who would never get it.”

  19. Can we all just cool it with the “Kanye as genius” talk? The guy is talented and I really like most of his music. He’s hilarious (in a way I’m not sure he gets). He’s also good at being a celebrity. But come on, if he can’t string together a halfway decent cut-down can we really call the man a genius? Granted, he does probably get a lot of the “good pussy”…Yeezus…

  20. Kanye – yawn.

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