Before becoming A-list pop stars due to factors musical (gussying up their sound with soulful flourishes and studio panache) and nonmusical (bassist/mouthpiece Pete Wentz marrying and divorcing Ashlee Simpson), Fall Out Boy was ostensibly a punk band. But since crossing over with 2005′s “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” and maybe even before that, they’ve never released a song that so wholly embraces the canonical ideal of punk rock as much as “Love, Sex, Death,” the one minute and 24 seconds of knuckle-dragging hardcore bombast they kicked out today. And which producer coaxed all this aggression out of them? None other than noted punk/metal enthusiast Ryan Adams, who’s been indulging his own punk proclivities lately. Fall Out Boy spent two days recording at Adams’ Pax Am Studios in Los Angeles to make Pax Am Days, a new album to be released digitally and as the second half of a duo disc reissue of this year’s other Fall Out Boy LP, Save Rock And Roll. If “Love, Sex, Death” is indicative of the rest of the set, Pax Am Days will be quite the contrast to Save Rock And Roll’s hyper-glossy emo jock jams. Hear the new song below.

There’s a tour footage video for it too at Rolling Stone.

Pax Am Days is out 10/15 via Island. Pre-order it here.

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed Fall Out Boy and am happy to hear this. However, I’m sure below me will be a bunch of whiny Stereogum posters complaining that it’s not “indie rock” or “respected Pitchfork-approved pop” being discussed. Bring it on…

    • I don’t doubt that the members of Fall Out Boy are well-versed in having a working knowledge of a higher grade punk and hardcore scene (Pete Wentz in particular) and just so happen to churn out teeny Hot Topic jams because it makes them money, but let’s be honest: It’s hard to take this seriously when you place it against everything else they’ve done. The more astute comparison as to how much is to be read into this song would actually be that of a move on the part of its producer Ryan Adams and his work as The Shit, which were half-assed and under the influence recordings of quick punk and hardcore songs very much like this. They’re sloppy and not meant to be taken seriously. There’s not much to say about it. Like those albums, this Fall Out Boy song plays more like just an imitation of an old school hardcore punk song only and probably isn’t a sign of some massive reinvention to their sound. They did it because they simply could.

      • “I don’t doubt that the members of Fall Out Boy are well-versed in having a working knowledge of a higher grade punk and hardcore scene ”

        Uhhh, wrong.

        • Pete Wentz was at least smart enough to sign Lifetime to his Decaydence label. He played in a few more respectable-sounding-but-never-successful hardcore bands prior to Fall Out Boy. The way I picture them is kind of like Mark Hoppus from blink-182: Nowhere near being a respectable face for punk with his music, but at least he has the sense to bring musicians who are better than him onto his talk show.

          • Your response has absolutely nothing to do with this…

            “I don’t doubt that the members of Fall Out Boy are well-versed in having a working knowledge of a higher grade punk and hardcore scene”

            …which you are still wrong about. There are four members in Fall Out Boy and you clearly have fuck all of an idea where they come from or what their influences were/are. I won’t argue opinions, because art is subjective. You don’t like Fall Out Boy, you think they’re the worst band ever, cool. That’s your opinion. But when you’re just factually incorrect about something all you do is make yourself look silly.

          • Except… I take it all back… because I totally read your statement wrong. Oh well, I’ll be the asshole today. lol

          • Seriously man, I would down vote myself if I could. I totally read the part I quoted backwards from the meaning you intended. Seriously, my bad.

      • You obviously have absolutely no knowledge of the Chicago hardcore scene and it’s history. Both Pete and Andy were quite well known and respected in that scene. So to say they have no knowledge of it just shows how much you don’t know. Try researching their history pre FOB. You’ll probably be shocked. This is not some cheap imitation, this is what they all did before Fall Out Boy. Pete just got sick of the scene as was Joe Trohman. Joe and Pete started FOB as an experiment outside hardcore. Pete knew he couldn’t be a screamer forever, his voice would be destroyed. Both Andy and Patrick were drummers in different hardcore bands. Patrick never sang before FOB. He was a drummer and occasional guitarist. They didn’t do it just because they simply could, they just wanted to go back to their core, from where they all started. Try Arma Angelus, Racetraitor,Killtheslavemaster,Project Rocket The Damned Things, Enabler, FocusedXMinds, Misery Signals, Burning Empires,Earth Crisis, The Kill Pill, xFor Death or Gloryx, Pearl,With Knives,Xgrinding processX, Patterson. Joe, Pete, Andy and Patrick..and all their bands before FOB. All hardcore, metalcore, punk. They are the REAL DEAL.

    • Preemptive criticisms of indier-than-thou Stereogum comments are the new indier-than-thou Stereogum comments.

    • I like what I like from Fall Out Boy, which means some of their stuff is more interesting to me than some of their other stuff (a clearly world shattering and profound sentence, that one). But I’ll never understand why they get shit on so much. They’re just doing their own thing, and if that makes them happy, cool.

  2. The link says “Fall Ouy Boy”, I was expecting some totally ironic NY smoothwave band. But then it was actually Fall Out Boy??

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