Da Mafia 6ix - "Go Hard"

Three 6 Mafia started, more than two decades ago, as a messy and furious Memphis stomp-rap crew, its unstable membership built around the nucleus of producers DJ Paul and Juicy J. Slowly, everyone left the group until it was down to just the Paul/Juicy duo. And now, with Juicy gone off to unlikely late-career solo stardom, DJ Paul is staging what amounts to a classic-era Three 6 Mafia partial reunion. Paul now leads the new crew Da Mafia 6ix, which also features former Three 6 members Gangsta Boo, Crunchy Black, Lord Infamous, and Koopsta Knicca. This news makes me very, very happy. The group has a mixtape in the works, and first single “Go Hard” is six minutes of claustrophobic and eerie threat-snarls, with all five members going in and a Yelawolf guest verse that doesn’t sound out of place. Listen below.

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The mixtape is scheduled to arrive 10/29, which means I know what I’ll be listening to on Halloween.

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  1. The current landscape of rap suggests that Juicy J was the most talented member of the group. Though given both (Acadamy Award Winning-btw) Dj Paul and Juicy J’s career long one-dimensionality if you asked me ten years ago if either would still be relevant today I would say “heck no”.

    Juicy J’s affinity for satisfyingly hard (and somewhat progressive) production has played a big roll in his career endurance, but signing to a label where artists apparently aren’t expected to do anything different for the rest of the career (Thanks Wiz) doesn’t hurt either.

    Dj Paul is gonna have to do better than this if he wants to open up his music to new audiences. Also I find it pretty whack that Project Pat isn’t a member of this new group considering he was the closest thing to a third essential leader of 3 Six (and Juicy J’s brother.)

    • Pat was never an official Three 6 member! And there’s obviously some kinda unspoken schism between Paul and Juicy, which probably explains why Pat’s not in this but all these estranged guys (and Paul’s brother Lord Infamous) are involved. In any case, the best–rapping full-time member in Three 6 history is, I’ll argue, Gangsta Boo, and she’s here. And also! Who cares if Paul gets new audiences or not? New audiences do not seem to be the point here, and neither does relevance. If Juicy keeps finding new ways to make the Three 6 sound make sense and Paul keeps soldiering on for a core audience, then, I mean, that’s a win-win for us, the listeners.

      • True – he was never an official member – but I’m willing to bet the amount of collaborations done with Project Pat eclipses any other member which came and went throughout Three 6 Mafia’s tenure (aside from the main 2 role players of course).

        Given that all their albums featured production exclusively from Juicy J and DJ Paul themselves, and also given that every other artist came and left the group (and many were arguably riding the name of Three 6 before leaving for solo careers) I just think that Project Pat has just as much of an argument to be in this new group than anyone. I also feel like his solo career was the strongest of anyone signed to Hypnotized Minds so the star power would be welcome.

        The reason why I think its important that they get new audiences is simply because these guys are all pretty old. Their music niche (Memphis-based fight rap I guess?) has been replaced with other forms of more progressive ignorant rap; their main demographic of listeners at their height were probably not nostalgic types who have been patiently waiting for new material (especially when Juicy J left.) When I say that he wants to open up to new audiences, what I really mean is that they need to prove some relevance.

        Da Mafia 6ix (pronounced six-ix?) is a group of 40 year olds who have been rapping about the same shit for 20 years (drugs, money and fighting) – at a time when there are plenty of young bloods finding new and creative ways to do the same thing. I was a huge fan of Three 6 Mafia ten years ago, but would I rather listen to a Danny Brown song than this one today? Yes. This is why I need to see more. At a time when Juicy J seems to be basking in the pinnacle of his career, do you really think DJ Paul patched this group together just to make music for his remaining die-hard fans?? (Im guessing here… 30 year olds with nostalgic penchants for late 90′s era fight rap and stubborn disdain for the modern [and remarkably more colorful] ignorant rap scene.) No, he wants to get back on top.

  2. Lil Wyte better be all over this mixtape.

  3. The evolution of music since Triple 6 was goin hard 10-15 years ago allows them to pick up exactly where they left off. The fact that they made music how they make music in a pre-internet time and managed to merge into the mainstream gives them plenty of credibility. They are creative progressive and have a knack for tapping into the hearts of idgaf fans across all genres. The 3-6 attitude and sound played point guard for rap today. They pioneered that heavy, trap, crunk sound 15yrs ago that so many people think is ground breaking now…bout time these kids learned some Triple6!!

  4. Any advice as to what Three 6 Mafia album I should start with?

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