Shearwater Fellow Travelers

Jonathan Meiburg is about to emerge from his chamber with a new Shearwater opus entitled Fellow Travelers. The latest set comprises renditions of songs by Meiburg’s former tourmates, including that sick Xiu Xiu cover we already heard. Now comes album closer and Clinic collaboration “Fucked Up Life,” originally performed by Sub Pop labelmates Baptist Generals, fellow travelers and fellow Texans. The music is light, but the subject matter is heavy: “Yeah, your mother doesn’t love you/ And your father doesn’t care.” Have a listen below.

Fellow Travelers arrives 11/26 via Sub Pop.

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  1. This song is epic! Hits my literary bookish nerd rock sweet spot.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, in the saddest, most beautiful way. I am anticipating this record so much, I can hardly wait.

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