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You may have noticed, perhaps because we can’t shut up about it, that Kanye West released a new album this year. It’s called Yeezus, and it’s amazing. But it’s also an uncompromising noise-rap album, and it’s the lowest-selling album of Kanye’s career. But West has now broken into Billboard’s top 20 singles list for the first time in 2013; it’s just that he’s done it with an eight-year-old song.

This six-minute Cam’ron/Consequence collab “Gone” is the last song (before the bonus tracks, anyway) on Late Registration, and you could make a strong argument that it’s the best song Kanye has ever recorded. But it was never released as a single. And now it’s in the top 20 for a weird reason: Maria Shifrin, a writer and comedian, quit her video-editing job last month by posting an I-quit video to YouTube, using an “interpretive dance” to “Gone” to send the I-quit message. The video has since been viewed more than 15 million times, and it’s instigated plenty of copycat videos, too. And since Billboard now determines chart placement by YouTube streams as well as sales and airplay, that’s now good enough for #18 on the top 100. Here’s the video:

So, uh, is Cam’ron getting paid for this somehow? Because I really want Cam to be getting money for this.

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  1. “Gone” probably is Kanye’s best track.

  2. Would like tto take this opportunity to ask any pop stars if there are any older resignation-related tracks of theirs that deserve a second chance at the charts, as I would very much love to quit my job in viral fashion only to appear on a daytime talk show and have the host throw an offer at me.

  3. I think this is great. I agree with Chad, “Gone” is perfection. Kanye’s never made a track that so perfectly balances all of his different sensibilities.

    Not to mention that Cam’ron verse which is INSANE.

  4. I had mixed feeling when I saw this video.

    Because I’ve always dreamed of playing “Gone” when I bailed on my video-editing job.

    Good for her though! Overnight editing shifts are the WORST.

  5. That second verse is Kanye’s greatest verse ever. Don’t know why LR isn’t regarded higher. IMO it’s by far his best album.

  6. Yeezus is his worst selling album? That’s bizarre. I think it’s his best, by far.

    • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Oct 10th, 2013 0

      I wouldn’t make too big of a deal out of this. For obvious reasons, every one of his other albums has had a lot longer to generate sales coupled with subsequent releases… It’s kind of a weird thing to even mention in this context. Theoretically he’ll release another album in, say, 18 months… More than a few people who don’t have Yeezus right now are probably gonna say “Shit, I don’t have his LAST album!” when that happens…

  7. It’s crazy we live in a world where not only are Billboard songs determined by Youtube streams, but “Gone” is now considered the best song on LR and not “Roses”.

    • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Oct 10th, 2013 +1

      I would take “Crack Music,” “Heard ‘em Say,” “Touch the Sky,” and “Gone” in the Late Registration draft before “Roses” 9 times out of 10. That 10th time, I’m always struck by how much I sleep on “Roses.”

    • I mean they are both incredible songs. That album has a few of his best songs ever, Roses, Gone & Hey Mama.

  8. If they ever switch sides like Anakin, I’mma sell everything, even the mannequins.

  9. I think best song on LR is between Roses and Hey Mama. Love Gone but it was never a favorite. I’ve recently had this convo with a lot of people and I think the best Kanye song might be Runaway.

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  11. Surprised to see “Roses” getting so much love — not that I dislike it at all, but it may not even crack my top 10 favorite songs from that album. I think “Gone” and “Hey Mama” are my two favorites … seeing him perform “Hey Mama” not too long after his mom passed was one of the more moving performances I’ve ever seen in person.

    Late Registration has aged remarkably well, except I do skip “Gold Digger” every time. I don’t even mind Maroon 5 guy showing up, which I hated when the album first came out.

    (I think we can all agree that crazycat04 is not all that wise.)

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