Janelle Monáe - "PrimeTime" (Feat. Miguel) Video

Janelle Monáe’s Miguel duet “PrimeTime” is one of the best tracks on her The Electric Lady, our Album Of The Week early last month. Now it has a stylized, high-concept video that depicts the R&B stars’ meet-cute in a sexy dystopia…

PrimeTime is a love story based on the early adventures of Cindi Mayweather (Janelle Monáe) and her first love Joey Vice (Miguel.) The Emotion Picture gives a glimpse at Cindi’s humble beginnings as a “cyber-server” at the Electric Sheep nightclub, a syn bar serving high-class “show droids” to the rich and lonely in a dangerous section of Metropolis known as Slop City. Incidentally, the innovative cybersoul music played at the club directly impacted Cindi, and she began singing and performing her own innovative compositions a short time after quitting this assignment. In addition, Cindi became determined to change the public perception of what an electric lady could be, dream and aspire to after working in the dismal conditions at the club.

Got it? Watch below.

The Electric Lady is out now via Wondaland.

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  1. I feel like Miguel would treat me right.

  2. Good concept, great song (my favorite from the album), but the execution of the video was half-assed. I feel like slapping the director and the editor for wasting Janelle and Miguel on this. Alas, I love this song and it’s always a treat to see those two.

    • I kind of see what you’re saying, but I think the end of the video makes up for the beginning. And even if the direction is kind of bland (nothing about the editing jumped out as bad) in the beginning, I think it’s real quality cus of Monae’s vision.. kind of what you said.

      • ok regarding editing, on second watch theres a few too many cuts to boring fembot shots and a blatant thing with Migue’s head at 1:49 lol.. but i like how off the guitar is at the end, i think that’s purposeful and kinda fun

  3. Amazing song, video was very well done, and Monae can act.

    She seems like a rare case these days – someone who makes quality music and actually lives up to the responsibilities of being a cool, big label artist. Awesomely high concept.

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