Phosphorescent - "Ya Hey"

While on tour in California last week, Matthew Houck stopped by California State University’s KCSN with a dusky, stripped down cover of Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires Of The City track “Ya Hey.” Take a listen below.

Muchacho De Lujo, the deluxe edition of Phosphorescent’s excellent Muchcacho, is out 10/29 via Dead Oceans and includes a concert recorded at London’s St. Pancras Church.

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  1. Great Cover!

  2. Easily one of the best songs of the year. If not the whole decade.

    One of my friends recently pointed out that “Ya Hey” could be a play on words of the Hebrew word “Yahweh” which loosely means God, or “to be” or “to exist”.

    • yea obviously… oh shit does this mean diane young is actually like…DYING YOUNG?!?

      • This is why trying to talk about things on the internet is the worst.

        “So my friend pointed out something interesting the other day…”
        “OBVIOUSLY, you fucking idiot. You didn’t know that? What an idiot.”

    • The whole album is laced with religious references.

    • Close!

      “Yahweh” is the name of God in the Hebrew Bible (spelled YHWH cause they only used constanants) and means “he creates”

      “Hayah” means “to be” or “exist.” It is often translated as “I am that I am,” and is God’s answer from a burning bush when Moses asks for His name (“through the fire, through the flame, you don’t even say your name, only ‘I am that I am’”).

      So “ya hey ya hey ya hey” in the song sounds like the Yahweh repeated over and over, but it can also sound like Hayah repeated.


  3. Makes me wish every song was just a phosphorescent cover

  4. In the style of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska

  5. I’d love to hear VW’s entire catalog done in this way. Really makes me appreciate Ezra’s lyrics more, which sometimes get lost in the frenetic delivery of their normal mode.

  6. I love this guys voice. he has the stripped down, bare-bones style down pat.

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